Montréal filmmaker producing music documentary “Maritime Metal” and Crowdfunding Campaign finds tremendous community support on IndieGogo!

“Maritime Metal” (working title), an upcoming Canadian documentary film, will cover 3 decades of Metal music throughout the Maritime provinces. The film traces the early days of the 90s when bands were recording on cassette tapes to be traded by mail, postering their cities, and writing letters to each other, through the dawn of the internet in the 2000s and how it connected the scene on the Maritime Metal Message Board and other online forums of the day, to today, into the rise of social media and how the scene is still changing. The film is part Maritime Metal history and part analysis of how a music scene evolved with changes in technology.

This month, we are crowdfunding with IndieGoGo to cover the cost of film production and travel. In June 2019, our production team will venture to the Maritime provinces to film interviews with key players in the Metal scene from these past 3 decades. From these conversations with the community, we will capture the events to tell their story.

Over the past 6 months, we have had growing support from Metal fans in the Maritimes. They’re contributing everything from old footage on VHS, to photos, posters, zines, and of course they’re backing our IndieGoGo Campaign.

We’ve posted exclusive video clips from three interviews to the IndieGoGo campaign web page, giving fans a taste of what they’ll see in the finished film. The documentary goes into production early 2019 with a planned release in 2020.


After just one day of crowdfunding on, independent filmmaker Billy Stever has already reached nearly 5% of the budget needed to make his music documentary “Maritime Metal”. Co-producers Dan Crowder, Niagara College alumni, and Jeff Mahfoud, Concordia University Communications graduate, are thrilled with the show of audience support so early in production. With three weeks left for fans to contribute to the campaign and collect unique rewards, funding the film on-time is looking like a sure bet.

To date, Billy and his team have logged over 300 hours in research, planning, and shooting for the film. They’ve posted exclusive video clips from three interviews to the IndieGogo campaign web page, giving fans a taste of what they’ll see in the finished film.

Modern audiences are hungering for more personal stories in the music documentary genre. Inspired by Canadian studio Banger Films and his own roots in the Maritime metal scene, Billy Stever knows the time is right for making this film. Support from throughout the Maritimes is pouring in. “People are already sending us stories and material. They want to be a part of this. We’re putting Maritimers on-screen, and these guys love their metal,” explains Billy. The documentary goes into production early 2019.

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