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Mike is a photo enthusiast in the Montreal area who feeds off the energy of the crowd. Since he was a kid… ahem... since a young age (he’ll apparently always be a kid because adulting is a trap!) he’s always had an affinity for capturing those once in a lifetime moments and sharing it with the special people in our lives. When he’s not showing people how truly badass they are through his eyes in the form of candid digital portraiture, or making magic happen at his 9to5, Mike likes to geek out over computer technology news; because there’s nothing quite like teasing yourself with amazing gadgets that will probably never see the light of day (looking at you, kickstarter!). He binge watches tv shows long after episodes have stopped being aired, buys more video games than he has time to play, and has a knack for taking things apart to see how they work; “extra pieces weren't important anyways” is the name of the game when it’s time to put things back together. Someday Mike dreams of going on tour as an official band photographer, until that time you can catch him at the next music festival.

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