Montreal’s BUCKFEST Begins January 30th

If you are into any of the following genres: Punk, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Country, Hardcore, Metal, Stoner, Blues, garage, and Rock N Roll then Buckfest is for you.

Held every year, organized by Montreal legend Starbuck Leroidurock, 100 local bands play L’Escogriffe. Sometimes it can get tight, sweaty and dirty but what’s a real punk show without those things?

Here is what’s in store for Montrealers:

Friday 30 : Robert Fusil et les chiens fou, Les Rejets d’Satan, Cirhose et Cendrier, Ya Maldone

Saturday 31 : Skieur Fluo, The Horny Bitches, Bangerang, Scrap

Sunday 1st : Jam Boulevard, Madmanmind, Hard Up

Monday 2 : Crossbones, Shit tax, Sale Gauloise

Tuesday 3 : Scar Evil, Boom Boom Rocket, Johnny Cash Machine

Wednesday 4 : BeatCops, Paul Jacobs, TBC

Thursday 5 : TBA

Friday 6 : Exploring Dora, Superpunk, Socially Retarted, Set it Back

Saturday 7 : Floating Widget (show reunion), Buffalo Theory Mtl, Tumbleweed Dealer (first show), Mikrob

Sunday 8 : Élixir de Gumbo, Guim Moro and les PKP

Monday 9 : Talksick, No Chaser, Last Jam,

Tuesday 10 : Hellhounds, HotRod deville, Lew Phillips

Wednesday 11 : She Serpent, TBA, TBA

Thursday 12 : TBA

Friday 13 : Bizbayé, Tempete, Varger, Julia Set

Saturday 14 : WD-40, Vas y Line, Monsieur Porky et ses Cochonets, Montreal Carnivores

Sunday 15 : China Bones, Bucky Harris, Old Dirty Banjo

Monday 16 : Headcase, Resistance, Viva Bertaga

Tuesday 17 : Bobby Dove, Jitterbop Boys, Eric Sandmark

Wednesday 18 : Crabe, Les Zerreurs, Nobro

Thursday 19 : Il Danse Avec Les Genoux, TBA, TBA

Friday 20 : Blue Cheese, Machine Géantes, Cerbère, Gratien and les Garagistes

Saturday 21 : Matchless, Von rebels, Lab Ratz, Rock n roll TV

Sunday 22 Le Winston Band, Old Time Honey, Bats in the Belfry

Monday 23 : Blame the Name, Les Skalpés et Full MT

Tuesday 24 : Filly and The Flops, Hellbound Hepcats, Robert Lavoie

Wednesday 25 : Fet.Nat + Nanimal + TRSTSS

Thursday 26 : Melted Faces. TBA, TBA

Friday 27 : Boulimik Foodfight 20e aniversaires, Les Ordures Ioniques(beginning 45 tours), Les Impuissants, Coup d Pied Dans Face

Saturday 28 : *Nuit Blanche de Montréal* Vagabonds, Gerbia, Rat patrol, TBA

For more information and updates on Buckfest, please visit their Facebook page here. Click here for event details.

Photo by Eric Brisson Photography

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