Montreal’s The Holiday Hooligans play their 7th Fundraiser Show! What is this about?

This will be the seventh year in a row, The Holiday Hooligans will be playing Maz Bar in Montreal, a week before Christmas. They are known for playing Christmas classic covers like,  “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”, “Frosty the Snowman (punk ass version) and the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation song. Some original tunes are performed as well,  like “Dirty December”, “Jameson Grinch”, and “All I want for Christmas is Nintendo 64”. These tracks are played  in the genre of punk, funk, blues and good old rock n’ roll. They also play an assortment of party covers by Aerosmith, ACDC, Billy Idol, the Rolling Stones and more. It’s the kind of show where you can blow off some Christmas shopping steam by drinking your weight in holiday cheer, yet its also a show that you can bring your parents to.

The origin and point of the show is to raise money for the Maz Bar Christmas Basket Fund. The fund purchases turkey dinners, clothes, and toys for families in need. It is provided by Head and Hands. Last year, The Holiday Hooligans almost raised $2000 and are aiming to try and raise even more. Santa Clause will be there in person to take pictures for small donation for the cause. The band makes absolutely no money doing the show; but then again what band does?

holiday hooligans 2

Memebrs of the band include Ryan Stick(Real Deal /  lead vocals rhythm guitar ), Johnny B. (The Lovely Haze / bass /vocals), Joey Fennario (lead guitar/vocals), and Jon “Mr Plow” Erskine (The Lovely Haze / drums).

This event is not to be missed if you really want to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas – with a touch of sexualization. Click here for more details of the event.

Below, is an interview Bucketlist had done with Ryan Stick to discuss more details of the event. Watch!

Photography by Reese Turner

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