Moon vs. Sun with Aphrose – Live at Corona Theatre – May 11th, 2019 – Montreal, QC

Raine Maida from Our Lady Peace and Chantal Kreviazuk might just be two of Canada’s most beloved musicians. And we, as Canadians, are incredibly lucky that these two found each other at a Pearl Jam concert in 1996, because together they created one of the beautiful musical projects I’ve ever heard – Moon vs. Sun.  And while they toured the project a few years ago, we never got anything in the form of a recorded album – until now. I’m Going to Break Your Heart is a collaborative record between Raine and Chantal, and the making of it was filmed and turned into a documentary of the same name. It comes out on Crave TV on May 24th, but in the meanwhile, check out the trailer here. It’s a beautiful film that captures the couple at the most vulnerable moments of their relationship, and at this show the pair celebrated their love and hardships through the beautiful music they played for us. But before that, myself and the rest of the crowd were treated to our new favourite musical discovery, Aphrose.

Aphrose is a soul artist from Toronto with one of the most incredible voices you will ever hear. I don’t want to sit here and compare her to other artists to describe her sound, so I won’t. Aphrose is completely unique, while still drawing inspiration from the decades of amazing singers that came before her. We were treated to a beautiful set, consisting of Aphrose and her producer,  Scott McCannell, on guitar. It was simple, beautiful, and such a perfect way to begin the evening.

Aphrose’s voice was constantly met with applause and cheer and in return, Aphrose would smile in appreciation. In between songs, she would talk to the crowd and tell stories related to her music. In particular, she told a story about how Chantal Kreviazuk heard her song on CBC radio and subsequently asked her to open for Moon vs. Sun on this leg of the tour. She told the crowd how lucky and appreciative she was to be discovered by Chantal and Raine this way, but really, the Montreal audience were the lucky ones, because we got to listen to Aphrose bring the house down with songs like “Make Your Mark” and “Move On.”

Everyone in the crowd loved her set and showed it by giving her a standing ovation at the end, which brought her to tears. It was such a beautiful moment. Do yourself two big favours: go to Spotify and check out her music, and if she heads into your town for a show, go see her. If you don’t feel something when listening to her voice, then you might not be human.

At around 9:15pm, Moon vs. Sun walked on stage. Chantal sat behind her keyboard, Raine picked up his guitar, and they immediately launched into music from the soundtrack to I’m Going to Break Your Heart. Chantal’s beautiful piano melodies, Raine’s acoustic guitar, and their dual vocals created some amazing moments during tracks like “Under the Stars,” “Lowlight,” “I Love it When You Make Me Beg” and “Bring That Boy.” Many of the songs were accompanied by a story of how it came together, like the song “I Can Change.” After the couple had an argument, Chantal sat at a piano and created the melody that would become this song. She jokingly said how Raine, instead of apologizing after the fight, heard her playing the melody and said, “Hey, that’s really good.”

Of course, to the delight of many fans in the audience, Chantal played a few of her own songs like ”Time” and “Before You,” while Raine played a few tracks that spanned his solo career and his music with Our Lady Peace like “Yellow Brick Road,” “Innocent,” and “Clumsy.” Calling them “acoustic” versions would be doing them a disservice, because the way Raine and Chantal played them turned these songs into something completely new. Yes, we all recognized the music and the lyrics, but the way they played them made them take on a life of their own. Moon vs. Sun also played a few cover tracks from other artists, like “Love Song” by The Cure. One of the most intensely beautiful moments of the night was when they covered “Daydreaming” by Radiohead.

The night ended with one final Our Lady Peace song, “Superman’s Dead,” with Raine handing over vocal duties to his wife – and it was amazing! Saying their performance was raw and emotional is probably the simplest way I could describe what we all saw. Raine and Chantal’s relationship shone through in the form of music in such a moving way. Through the stories and banter the couple exchanged between songs, we all felt like somehow, we could connect and relate to them. For two artists that have played and created music on such a large scale, they found a way to make the evening intimate and special. I think I speak for the entire crowd when I say we all felt like we just knew them on a personal level. There was no one that left feeling unmoved by this musical experience.

I hope Moon vs. Sun is a project that Raine and Chantal tour for a while, because this is something that needs to experienced more than once, that’s for sure. Don’t miss it if you have a chance to see them.

Written by Dominic Abate
Photography by Amanda Hiscock

*edited by Kate Erickson

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