Canadian stoner/psych-blues rockers Mountain Dust have penned a European deal with German label Kozmik Artifactz.

The Montreal based band released their debut full length record titled Nine Years independently over the summer, but only online and with an extremely limited pressing of CDs. Since its release, Nine Years has been making the rounds in stoner rock circles online, and the international orders have become overwhelming for the band.

None of us were expecting this type of response when we set out to make this record,” said Mountain Dust frontman Brendan Mainville. “After we put the record online we started getting messages from people all over the world asking how they can get our music on vinyl. Who knew the internet was such a powerful place?” joked Mainville. “Being an independent band, we aren’t equipped to handle the demand we’ve been experiencing, so teaming up with Kozmik Artifactz is exciting, and also a bit of a relief.

When asked about the signing, the folks at Kozmik Artifactz had this to say about the newest addition to their roster, “Looking for a band that will catch your attention in the first 10 seconds? Here you go! This is exactly what happened when we were surfing Bandcamp for good music one day. The voice, the mood, the feeling, the overall sound … Mountain Dust simply blew us away.

Quebec’s independent music association (A.M.I.Q.) has also taken notice of the new record. Nine Years is nominated for 2016’s album of the year in the rock category by the A.M.I.Q.

Following an official release in early 2017, Mountain Dust is planning plenty of live performances support their new record. “Running Fool”, the first single from “Nine Years”, can be heard below.

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