Mundy’s Bay debut first EP and video for single “Hope You’re Fine”

Montreal, Quebec’s latest new wave, alt pop rock outfit Mundy’s Bay just put out a brand new video for their single “Hope You’re Fine” off their debut self titled EP.

When you get older naturally you mature as an adult. As an artist growing up if your cards are played correctly your tastes change and as a musician the world can be your oyster. Mundy’s Bay is a great example of that. Five musicians from Montreal’s notorious hardcore scene applied different musical tastes to their already tight lexicon of musical know how and crafted a wicked self titled debut EP. The music video and single is a perfect testament to a clean new approach to the landscape that is Montreal’s alternative music scene. The project is brand new and there’s no sign of letting go and slowing down.

Their first EP is available for PWYC on bandcamp.



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