Murder Rape Amputate – Cadaverous Lullabies


When I have to take issue with the name of a band before I even listen to their album, we’re not off to a great start. A name like Murder Rape Amputate is indicative of a growing problem in extreme metal, with too many musicians finding humour in sexual violence. While some metalheads see no problem with that and will probably be quick to defend their right to name a band whatever they want, it’s nonetheless a major turn-off for anyone who takes these issues seriously, and if I weren’t reviewing this band, I would personally avoid them with a ten-mile pole. But that’s probably what the band wanted; to piss off the politically correct and attract the sick-minded.

Having listened to a fair amount of goregrind, I knew what to expect of Cadaverous Lullabies before pressing play: distorted pig squeals that sound like they were recorded in a toilet bowl, an overly crunchy guitar tone, and samples of people screaming in pain. There’s really not that much else to it. The vocals are very indistinct and lyrics were not provided, but judging from titles like “Your Guts, My Boa” and “Only Chainsaw Can Judge Me,” Martin Vašek is undoubtedly singing about all the creative ways he can torture and kill his imaginary victims, going into detail about every body part. I suppose the one thing I find humorous about goregrind is the amount of medical science research that goes into writing songs like “Amniotic Fluid Cocktail.”

Members of the band wear Slipknot-esque masks when performing, and you can actually order a mask of the decaying zombie face seen on the cover. If I saw Murder Rape Amputate live without knowing their name and without hearing the gross things they likely say during their banter, I might stick around and even bang my head along to the music, blissful in my ignorance. However, as soon as the name is said, I would probably go outside and wait for the next band, or go straight home and take a cold shower to wash the filth off me.

Now, before you send me a wave of hate mail for giving this album a bad score, I just have this to say: You can’t deliberately make your band offensive then get offended when someone finds it offensive. If anything, it’s mission accomplished and you should be very proud.

Written by Chris Aitkens
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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  1. Jaccob in previous comment is absolutely right, yeah it’s goregrind and even more it’s goregrind from the darkest city in middle Europe and we don’t care
    about political correctness 🙂

    Chris Aitkens, do you listen to Anal Cunt, G.G. Allin, Meat Shits, Gut?
    If not then go review the record The Faith Tones ‎– Jesus Use Me 😀

    Anyone offended by this listen to this and will be cured 🙂

    And trying to be the most offensive, I’ll end with recommendation:
    Murder (political correctness) Rape (Chris Aitkens) Amputate (your own penis)

    Play it loud!!!

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