In the Name of Havoc – 1180

In the Name of Havoc, a band from right here in Montreal, brings us their five track album entitled 1180. If you’re a fan of Volbeat, Everytime I Die, and southern rock and guitar solos, then this is the band and album you should be listening to. I love that these guys have an original sound, bringing so many different musical styles together to create an entirely new one altogether.

The first song is “Drunk-Yard Dogs” a fast paced, slightly thrashy piece that comes second on the album. I love the tune for this song, and the way the vocals change along with it. You can hear the heavy influence of Everytime I Die in the vocals of this song, which work well with the instrumentals. Actually, you can hear the Everytime I Die influence in many of the tracks, including “Cry Havoc”.

The most anticipated and well-known track off of this album would be “You Shindig Shin-Don’t” which features the vocal stylings of Cody Dodds from another Montreal band, Red Skies. This song is comprised of a blend of at least two different musical and vocal styles which creates something more interesting than you can imagine. Hearing what both vocalists have to bring to the table in one song will make you want nothing but to hear more. The song is pretty upbeat in a rock n roll way kind of way until Cody’s verse, at which point it gets heavy and dirty, which only makes it that much better. This is easily the number one track from the album, hands down.

If you want a more blues rock kind of sound, then give “Bloodlust Succubus” a listen. It’s filled with killer guitar solos, and shows off a different side of the vocalist’s capabilities. At times it slows to a soothing sound, returning eventually to that rock vibe. This is one of their more instrumental tracks, and it has a lot of potential.

Overall, the album is worth giving a listen. There may be more guitar solos than needed, but their sound has more style than most bands these days. Their southern rock tunes are what grabs me the most. They don’t restrict themselves to one genre of music, and it shows in every song on the album. They’re not your average rock ‘n’ roll band. They’re much more than that and far from what you would expect.

 Written by Shannon Fong

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