In the Name of Havoc – Live at Piranha Bar – September 2nd, 2014 – Montreal, QC

In The Name of Havoc - September 2nd, 2014 - Montreal, Quebec

For a rainy Tuesday night, there was a fairly decent crowd gathered at Piranha bar. The number of audience members increased noticeably when In the Name of Havoc began playing. There was such a weird blend of bands playing that night, it only made watching In the Name of Havoc even better. I arrived there with high expectations, considering I had seen them before and they were amazing. I _DSC4301then realized I was at Piranha Bar where the sound isn’t the best, and this would be a downfall for the band this time. They performed well, but the mic was cutting in and out out, and the sound in general was disappointing. I found it to be much louder than it usually is. The show was also running a bit behind schedule due to long soundchecks and setups. Despite all of this, however, my opinion on the band’s performance remains unaffected seeing as this happens often at Piranha Bar and was expected.

One thing these guys know how to do really well is keep the crowd entertained and the show interesting. The band kept moving, jumping around both on and off the stage…the guitarist made it into the crowd a few times and played from the floor. They also know how to interact with the audience, asking who had seen them before, and divulging that they had to “get at least as naked as the vocalist from Barrelheads“, which only consisted of going shirtless. They played a new track called “Rampage 64” which, I have to say, was a really good one. It wasn’t as good as there other stuff, but still awesome. The crowd seemed to love it, though, and they looked like they were having a blast.

_DSC4358Having just released their EP entitled 1180, the majority of the band’s set list was comprised of all the best songs from the recording. I would say that the highlights of their set was the performance of “You Shindig, Shin-don’t” with guest vocalist Cody Dodds from Red Skieswho is also featured on the album.  Let’s face it, having a guest vocalist always makes a song better, whether it’s live or not. “Bloodlust Succubus” was really good as well. Singers Malcolm and Orin bring two different vocal styles to the table and complimented each other well. The two songs are, in comparison, quite different, which is what I liked most about them. I love the southern rock and blues influence in their music and how they make it sound modern. I’m not a fan of blues at all, but when these guys play it, it’s actually pretty good.

Despite the sound issues and the usual running behind schedule, I would say their set was still pretty good. They’ve had better shows for sure, but at least they had a good turnout and had a ton of fun playing the show. So, if you missed them or would like to see them play another show filled with crazy antics and groovy tunes, check them out September 26th at Foufs!

Written and Photographed by Shannon Fong    SLF Photography
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