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Hailing from Los Angeles, California (or possibly from outer space), Nekrogoblikon are here to destroy your mind, body, and soul with their third full-length record Heavy Meta. Nekrogoblikon consume every possible form of metal, and regurgitate something so strangely unique, it could only be called a term that’s already widely used to describe them…. Goblin Metal.

Nekrogoblikon started out in 2006 and admittedly, I hadn’t heard much about them until I reviewed this record. Better late than never, right? As soon as I hit play on the first track “The End of Infinity,” I knew I was in for something I’ve never heard before.

The first notable difference from your usual brand of metal is definitely the vocals. They’re exactly what you’d imagine if an actual Goblin got behind the microphone and sang for this band. It might not be something that everyone will dig, but in the context of the music, I can’t imagine it being sung any differently. Musically, these guys are unbelievably talented. There are guitar riffs on this record that are both catchy and technical, with bass and drums that are very much audible and at the front end of the mix, adding a punch to the music that just makes everything even better. Amazingly, it doesn’t stop there. I’m a sucker for a good keyboard solo, and this record has a respectable amount of them. Throw it all together, and you’ve got a record of ten incredibly solid songs that all share a similar style, but individually manage to bring something different to the table.

There’s so much good music on this record. Nekrogoblikon fuse folk, symphonic and death metal to create a record full of catchy hooks and technical instrumentation. It’s not just Goblin Metal, its Alien Invasion metal. I can’t help but picture a hostile takeover of earth by Goblin beings while listening to this record.

These guys really inject a dose of fun into their brand of metal, a genre that can be overly bleak at times. Don’t get me wrong, Heavy Meta has its share of bleak moments (what would you expect from lyrics like “global explosion, a million hits, tainted souls, who gives a shit?”), but it’s done in a satirical, story-like way. And clearly, with a song titled “Let’s Get Fucked,” these guys are all about bringing the party atmosphere to their music and not taking themselves too seriously. (Fun side note: that track features vocals by the Party Rock master himself, Andrew W.K.). Make no mistake, Heavy Meta is a fascinating listen and is the musical equivalent of watching a sci-fi/horror film. I think these lyrics from the last song, titled simply “Nekrogoblikon,” sum it up perfectly: “We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and now we’ll die”

Written by Dominic Abate

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