Nervous Pulp – The Fuzzy Orange EP

Nervous Pulp Fuzzy Orange EP


Nervous Pulp are a rock band out of Pensacola, Florida who just managed to slide the release of The Fuzzy Orange EP into the tail end of 2019. At a little over fifteen minutes in length, the five-track Fuzzy Orange EP adds a bit of blues and a bit of funk to a hard rock foundation. Nervous Pulp’s debut release aint too shabby, but I feel like it could’ve used some more thought.

“The Gruff MacGuffin” kicks things off with a mellow, ‘phaser-laden’ guitar passage before drummer Devin Little’s Crash Kings-esque vocals start up. From there we’re onto “Cosmosis Jones,” a much more up-tempo song led by guitarist Zachery Henry’s more conventional, though effect-soaked, vocals. There are obvious differences between these two tracks, but the psychedelic vibe throughout both tie things together nicely. My favourite tune on The Fuzzy Orange EP, is “Viper.” The song’s stoner rock feel suits Little’s vocals greatly and its heavy, trudging outro was a solid way to bring the EP to a close. If you’re into the late-80s/early-90s funk rock sound, there’s at least a few tunes on this release that you should dig.

Despite having two vocalists, Nervous Pulp aren’t the most diverse on the singing front. Henry’s vocals only really pop up on “Cosmosis Jones” and Little’s distinct style doesn’t always fit the bill. “Keep Track” is a perfect example of this. The indie rock tune could’ve benefited from some equally reserved vocals, but Henry’s singing is nowhere to be found. Furthermore, I can’t recall an instance on The Fuzzy Orange EP where the two vocalists sing together. I harp on a lot of bands for a lack of vocal harmonies, but with two unique singers in the mix, I would’ve really liked to hear Nervous Pulp get a little weirder.

The Fuzzy Orange EP is good, but not great. Nervous Pulp have some lulls on their debut release, but there’s definitely potential there. And, if the claim on their Bandcamp page is accurate, I’ll be keeping an ear out for the band’s full-length this year.

Written by Justin Bruce
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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