Never Presence Forever/ Gridfailure: Split EP From Two Solo Acts To Be Released December 23rd

The split EP between two East Coast solo/experimental acts, Never Presence Forever and Gridfailure, has been completed for independent release on December 23rd.

No Clean Singing offers of Never Presence Forever’s side, “‘Unwell’ is more than ten minutes in length and powerfully hypnotic in its effect. For much of its duration, it’s like a long fall down a deep well into the abyss of your own darker thoughts, a fall that progresses more slowly than the pull of gravity would allow… ‘12205’, smashes what’s left of it in an assault of abrasive, destructive noise… It’s a form of ice cold, mechanized derangement, ugly and unnerving, with the sound of a hectoring voice crying repeatedly through the maelstrom of dismantling noise.”

No Clean Singing also offers of Gridfailure’s contribution, “Lifecycles Decay,” “Grinding mechanistic noise and high shimmering tones coupled with deep droning vibrations create the landscape through which other abrasive noises come and go – things being torn apart and abraded into fragments and dust; the rough, grinding rumble of earthmoving equipment and the frightening roll of thunder; the rhythmic driving of big pistons and crank-shafts; explosive detonations; the collapse of skyscrapers into broken streets; and maybe the voices of Lovecraftian monsters.”

The split will be released in a run of 100 cassettes and digitally through both artists’ Bandcamp portals, Never Presence Forever here and Gridfailure here.

Bio Info:
Based out of Richmond, Virginia, Never Presence Forever has been in existence since 1998, barring a hiatus from 2005 to 2010. The outfit bears a sturdy foundation of previously-released material, including a collaboration with Dead Raven Choir, split releases with the likes of Isolated Existence, The Austrasian Goat, Monolith Zero, and Metaconqueror among others, and compilation tracks for Yamabushi Recordings, Darker Days Ahead, Flingco Sound System, Misanthropic Agenda, and more. The split leads with Never Presence Forever producing more than 15 minutes of dark ambient/death industrial soundscapes in a thematic delivery through paired tracks, “Unwell” and “12205.” Ebbing drones and slow-motion magnetism culminate and intensify into immersive surges of energy, creating a surreal, immersive experience.

Gridfailurewas born in the wooded Northern rim of NYC in early 2016. The soloist has since produced a bulky amount of new material; 2016 has seen the release an album, an EP, and a collaborative track with Walking Bombs prior to this split, and several full-length albums, EPs, and collaborative releases are currently in their final trials for early 2017 release. Drenched with pyroclastic vocals which depict present day ecological collapse, elements of cancerous power electronics, fractured tribal rhythms, terror-inducing horrorscapes, subterranean metal, and experimentation with field recordings merge on the solitary sixteen-minute B-side Gridfailure movement, “Lifecycles Decay.”

Both Never Presence Forever and Gridfailure are immersed in the creation of new material, with future collaborations and releases together likely. Stand by for more info in the coming days.

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