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Note To Self, from Phoenix, Arizona, released their 5-track EP Agony Complete in March. Their music is a mixture of metalcore and post-hardcore, and it is pretty killer. They have a lot of heavy guitar riffs which is one thing I loved because honestly, the heavier, the better.

The self-titled song begins with a piano that is different from their other songs. Some of the lyrics in the song are a little bit depressing, and so is the tone that the clean vocalist is using to portray them. Then again, the song is called “Agony Complete” so maybe that is what they were aiming for. There are some unclean vocals, though, which prevent it from becoming some sad cheesy song. It adds a bit more of an angry tone.

I will just jump ahead and talk about the song “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes” because it is my favorite one off of the album, and not to mention catchy as fuck. Of course, the title reminds everyone, with a decent childhood, of Alice In Wonderland. The guitars in this song are on a whole other level in comparison to the rest of the songs. There are more interesting riffs, and the switch between clean and unclean vocals throughout the song is what keeps it entertaining. Not only do the cleans sound good, but the uncleans sound even better. Personally, I think the best lyric is “I know that it might be wrong but I can’t contain the beast, won’t you just tag along and see the dark side of me?”

We all have a side of ourselves that we do not show to others, and here it is like a taunt to get a glimpse of it.

Another really good song is “Port Dr.” It has a bit of a creepy intro, and, despite the fact that the lyrics are again mildly depressive, it was still done well. The music is fast, and the drums are loud; just the way I like it. While it may start off on the depressing side, constantly repeating “take away these memories” with clean vocals, it shifts more towards anger at the end with screaming/growling vocals.

The song “A Loaded Tongue” is different, and a lot heavier. I enjoyed listening to it more. There are less clean vocals in it, and to be honest I prefer the uncleans in this band. This is where the metalcore side of their music is. Then there is “Akrasia” which has more post-hardcore elements in it, but it is also blended with metalcore. (So, in a way I guess it is…post-metalcore?) It is just a heavy post-hardcore song.

The band Note To Self has quite a bit of talent showing on this album. Not every song is the same; they use different methods of making their songs interesting (using the piano, having creepy intros, etc.). There is room for improvement, but this album is still definitely worth a listen.

Written By Shannon Fong
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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