Nothing More with Red Skies and Keychain – Live at Petit Campus – October 13th, 2016 – Montreal, QC

Keeping busy isn’t always a burden, sometimes it’s also an involuntary way of life! Some might call me mad for taking on multiple gigs back to back; I like to correct them, and remind them it’s out of pure high-functioning anxiety. Now who’s ready to hear me rage out about this fucking wicked Nothing More  show with some local love that I caught this last Thursday at Petit Campus here in Montreal? No one, that’s who, but you sure are ready for some more of my shitty writing, that’s for fucking sure!


Local Nu Metal quartet Keychain were the first up to bat. Being a critic of a band you blatantly don’t like is a conversation subject you and I have discussed a great many times, reader, but the point of being a “professional” is taking the bias out of this. I don’t like these cats, and here’s why, with the gloves on. The quality of their sound is solid, however their musicianship is something to be discussed. You can blow any riff out of the water when it comes out of an ENGL head, you can sorta nail all kinds of awesome notes when you’re singing, you can do fancy things with drums and bass, but at the end of the day, does your music remind you of something you like? Or did you write it because it came from you? in layman terms, the sound was great, but to me the music sounded very unoriginal, and the stage antics looked and felt like they were directly mimicked from a Woodstock ’99 bootleg. Furthermore, when you take heavy influences from other bands, you wanna do your best to make sure you don’t come right out with it, especially with something you called a “Nu Medley” ever so cleverly. Nu Metal is a simple genre- make something of it that doesn’t sound like Korn, Limp Bizkit, or P.O.D.

Red Skies

You read it right in the title: I’m also writing about Montreal metalcore power rangers Red Skies. We’ve written about them enough times that I think we can leave it at an infinity sign and maybe NOT GO INTO ANY FUCKING DETAIL, BECAUSE WE GET IT, THEY’RE AWESOME, FUCK OFF. I will say that I have a personal problem with the house sound crew of Petit Campus and the way with which the sound is managed in that room. I’m not going to get into detail because I’m honestly scared of having another rage fit and possibly needing to get my prostate checked afterwards. Nonetheless, the homies delivered as their brand always promises. Just play “Hemlock” more! Or don’t, whatever.

Nothing More

Many a liquor had been consumed, I have complained like a princess for several hours, and after what felt like (and probably was) an intense amount of switch-over time, Nothing More hit the stage. This band is San Antonio, Texas’ reminder of how much better they are than you. This was not my first rodeo with Nothing More, so I was more than ready and begging for a solid set. I was far from disappointed. Personally, I’m always going to be a fan of these dudes opening with “This is the Time (Ballast),” however “Mr. MTV” provided a much more docile starting vibe to what would eventually become everything you should expect from NM’s set. It was spectacular. Highlights include the band’s usual stage antics and artistry, specifically the drum and bass solos (if you haven’t heard them, go Youtube that shit), as well as the presence of two new songs in their set list, both of which don’t necessarily grab the prostate quite like anything off of Beware does, but have plenty of potential to be some absolutely cool shit. My real qualm comes, once again, with where the show was located. Nothing More is a band that needs a big stage to really shine; they’re an act you wanna party out to, but that you should never take your eyes off of for fear of missing some spectacular occurrence. It’s a progressive rock circus that deserves your unbridled attention. The sound was bang-up (since house crew and gear was not used), but it just felt like these animals were caged. My point with all this is that you should NEVER miss a Nothing More show.

Written by Jason Greenberg
Photography by Danny Donovan
*edited by Kate Erickson
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