NowFuture – Motor Crunch – Maxi Single

NowFuture - Motor Crunch – Maxi Single


NowFuture, a four-piece straight out of hometown Montreal, is what happens when metalheads play nicely with the punks. Formed back in 2016, vocalist Peter Moss, guitarist Steph Derrif, bassist Pat Chooly and drummer Seb Void play what their obvious influence, Motorhead, played before them. This mixture of punk and metal isn’t very surprising, especially from a city where both genres have a strong underground scene. Their second EP Motor Crunch – Maxi Single contains a total of three very short songs, which seem even shorter than they are since they are played at lightning speed.

Many punk bands tend to keep it simple and play power chords (you can tell I know a lot about punk rock), but I was taken by surprise by not only a few well-placed guitar licks but also bass licks if that’s even a thing. Strangely enough, there were no guitar solos which was a little disappointing considering I really enjoyed his playing. That being said, Pat Chooly has a killer bass tone and it is apparent right from the start of their first track “Me, Myself & I.” The song in question also has a very catchy chorus, making it hard not to remember the lyrics. I spent the next day murmuring “me, myself and I” non-stop.

The second track “Dead to Me” had the same fast rhythm as the first and we could argue that it had a guitar solo, but I don’t consider ten seconds of high notes a guitar solo. Still, it sounded badass. There isn’t much difference in between songs when it comes to the drumming, yet I did not get bored of hearing him hit those drums with all he had. The final track “Who Cares?” is my favourite, if only because I feel like it was their tightest song. The entire band cranked up the intensity on this last one, which doesn’t let up from start to finish.

Though I feel like these songs could have been longer, they were nonetheless heavy and fast, just how I like it. Motor Crunch – Maxi Single released on December 23, 2018, and is one kick-ass EP. Check them out!

Written by Johnathan Robinson
*edited by Mike Milito

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Some say he came from the land of ice and snow, while others believe that he was taken directly from the void and placed into the warm hands of the devil himself. To the general public, he blends into the crowd of rock n roll, with his long hair and beard, acting the part, but planning something sinister. His favourite habitats are that of concerts, where noise is abundant. A musician himself, he has somewhat forgotten about his sinister plans and instead turned to the art of musicianship. Along his journeys, he came across clan Bucketlist, who generously took him in, offering him shelter and aid. His plans of eternal doom seem far off now, as he writes, plays music and enjoys the occasional pint of ale with his allies. He'll probably remember the doom stuff one day... or not. To be honest, he's a pretty cool guy. Or so he thinks.

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