Obscene Extreme America Festival Day 1 – Live at TRH Bar – August 20th, 2015 – Montreal, QC

As I stepped into Montreal’s TRH bar at around 8:15, the atmosphere felt right. The air had what seemed to be a three-to-one ratio of perspiration (or vaginal scent, I can’t decide) to Whiskey, with just a hint of “Eau Sauvage” by Dior. Within 48 seconds, my pores broke their seal and started pissing sweat, with little to help cease it’s torrential flow. All this was of course fitting for the night’s event, which was the opening (of hopefully the first of multiple instalments) of the Obscene Extreme Festival (O.E.F.) this side of the Atlantic ocean.

For those not familiar with the festival,  O.E.F made its humble beginnings deep in the savage jungles of the Czech Republic in 1999; it has since grown substantially in size and scope. Aside from their Czech home base,  O.E.F has defiled Asia, Australia, and now Canada  in its ongoing crusade of iniquity.

It quickly dawned on me that I was clearly under caffeinated, and stricken with a blood-alcohol level of a staggering .00 since this morning; both of these elements were going to have to change in order for me to truly enjoy my experience and revel in the metallic debauchery. Unfortunately, due to work constraints I had to miss Montreal’s Vaginal Addiction  and Powercup so i’ll just hypothesize how it went down:


Mid way through Vaginal Addiction’s first song, a biker gang of knife-wielding, topless hookers stormed the stage with the kind of fury reserved for Shark Week segments of great whites feeding on baby seals. Their intended target appeared to be drummer Sean Conners, who lost three fingers on his right hand in the melee. Luckily, he managed to sew them back on using only splinters from a broken drum stick and an old guitar string. The remainder of the set went off relatively without a hitch, and only minor monitor problems.

Grindcore power duo Powercup’s set consisted of twelve midgets spanking a man covered in thousand island dressing. Personally I prefer Ranch, but that’s just me.

Now, back to reality!

Next up were Saguenay grind/death ensemble Who Cares. This was my first time seeing the band, and they put on a stellar show. Great energy from the band and the crowd seemed to respond quite well for them. Very straight forward grind/death.

The last/first time I saw Montreal’s Obsolete Mankind was a few months ago when we played a festival together deep in the desolate heart of Quebec in front of… well, pretty much just the other bands. I didn’t watch too much of their set because I was busy trying to drink my way into forgetting I was there to begin with. This night was different as my alcohol consumption was for enhancement purposes and not for forced amnesia, which was a good thing because they absolutely D-STROYED. Comprising of ex- and current members of Neuraxis, Vengeful, and Phobocosm among others, this band is anything but amateur. Marie Helene’s vocal performance was exceedingly brutal, while the rest of the band gave a punishingly energetic performance, commanding the attention of the audience and setting a pretty high bar for the rest of the night.

Ohio powerviolence/grind/hardcore heavyweights Homewrecker were up to the challenge, and shook the bar to it’s core. The four piece brought a tremendous amount of energy, and quickly captured the attention of all who bore witness. Homewrecker’s raw and dirty sound fit perfectly with the room’s aesthetics while delivering a more “punk”-fueled sonic assault sprinkled with soul crushing breakdowns. The band have a new album out on A389 records called Circle of Death.



I wasn’t certain if I was hallucinating because of dehydration, or delusional because of the GBH the waitress put in my last PBR, but as P.L.F were setting up, I kept wondering where the rest of their members were. Now, the two-piece grind act concept isn’t something I’m intimately familiar with, and is something I feel fails far more often than it succeeds. If this is in fact the case, than P.L.F are the 1%. The two piece from Houston, TX methodically destroyed any preconceived notions I had and replaced it with awe. As insane as it may sound, P.L.F are kinda like Dying Fetus on that zombie strain from “28 Days Later.” I can’t recall the last time I was that mesmerized by a death metal guitarist and drummer since the first time I watched Paul Ryan and John Longstreth of Origin play live in ‘05. The entire audience seemed swept up by the performance as well as the unrelenting energy emanating from such a small package.

Continuing the trend of minimal band members we have Putrid Pile. Admittedly, I knew sweet fuck all about this one man band prior to seeing them (him) live, but apparently I was the only one. A good portion of the audience were calling out song titles and chanting the band name between songs, which lead me to believe that P.P is far more popular in underground circles than I gave him credit for. With room to spare, the crowd quickly mobilized and took over the stage by holding impromptu circle pits, and head banging; one particular woman impressively mimicked masturbating to the tempo of the blast beat. Regardless of general lack of members and stage show, the writing and overall skill of Shawn LaCanne was undeniable as he performed flawlessly with the backing tracks and kept me entertained throughout.

Closing out the evening was Baltimore’s Noisem. Quickly restoring band member quantity status quo, they took no time establishing utter dominance by laying waste to whatever hapless dehydrated drunk fools still stood. Falling more into the Homewrecker style (whom they are label mates and on tour with) of powerviolence, Noisem’s set was relentless and instantly made me a fan. Having them close the night was a great choice, providing an interesting dynamic between styles and keeping the energy of the crowd at a constant high. Noisem was Bucketlist’s June Featured Artist. Read here.

To be honest, I must say It’s been some time since I watched a show this packed with talent and energy from both fans and bands. A great kick-off show for what’s sure to be a more than memorable weekend provided manageable alcohol and drug consumption.

Written by Paul Ablaze
*edited by Kate Erickson

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Paul has lived in Montreal his whole life however he spent a considerable amount of time on tour over the last 7 years with his band Blackguard, which basically means he is bitter and jaded and an ideal candidate to write music reviews. He also enjoys pizza , screaming and Dead-lifting.

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