One After the Crow – Self-titled EP

This two-person band seems to have grown in popularity in recent years. Manitoban progressive rock band One After the Crow puts a unique spin on it with their debut self–titled EP, which features a wide range of genres.

The first song on the album, “It’s the Affect”, starts off slowly and then escalates into a metal track. The sounds are loud and melancholy and the lyrics are deep. It’s a track that is sure to bring up many emotions, and possibly get you reflecting on your own life. Landon Hawkins has a voice reminiscent of that of Jared Leto, and is sure to send shivers running down your spine.

The album continues with a track called “Reflection”. The beginning of the song features sounds that could be classified as folk rock. They then slowly transition to grunge. The drumming is impressive, and the vocals are even more powerful than before. Strong emotions of both pain and happiness can be felt through the words and sounds of this song.

“Stolen Trains” features vocals that sound much angrier, which allow the album to return to the genre of metal. The drum beats are so fast and intricate, you could practically feel the sweat dripping down the drummer’s face. The style of the guitar in the background is one that is more often found in soft rock, country and folk songs than in metal, but they somehow the band manages to make it work really well. The combination of the heavy vocals with the light guitar and killer drumming on this track makes for a remarkable sound.

The EP closes up with “From Mind”, which features a tone more depressing than any of the other songs. With a message that centers around memories, it is sure to have you thinking of the darker times in your life and missing better days in the past. Somehow, through all the sadness, there is an underlying tone of hope within this piece as well. Hawkins’ voice is both beautiful and somewhat haunting, and is a very fitting way to end the album.

Overall, this album is good for anyone who enjoys a mix of genres, and would like songs to get them thinking. It has a unique sound and a power that you are not likely to forget.

Written by Franca G. Mignacca

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Ever since her toddler years, Franca has had a passion for film and music. Raised on classic rock, she will always keep the bands she grew up with close to her heart. Her taste in music has broadened throughout the years. Listening to a mix of rock, indie, blues, and metal, she loves hearing about new bands, and is always willing to give other genres a try. Her favourite decade of music is the 60s and her favourite bands include The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Kinks, The Damn Truth, The White Stripes, and, depending on her mood, ABBA. She is studying communications in college, in hopes of someday being either a journalist or filmmaker.

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