Only Sons – Love, Drugs, Treachery and Deceit

Only Sons - Love, Drugs, Treachery and Deciet


Only Sons is a hard rock band from Kraków, Poland that released Love, Drugs, Treachery and Deceit on April 16th, 2018. They call themselves hard rock; however, this EP is quite metallic. The production sounds professional as well.

The EP starts with “30 Silver Coins” which has a doomy, Sabbath-like riff (provided by guitarists Daniel Kesler and Adrian π) followed by a kick starter engine groove performed by drummer Rob Cook.

“Battered By The Hand Of God” features dreamy like chord ringing and an emotional well played solo. It’s a great post-rock/metal song. The vocals really tie the song together.

I’m guessing they call themselves hard rock because all of Andrzej Nowak’s vocals are clean in the rock sense. They surprisingly fit the metallic element, he has a good timbre. It doesn’t sound like alternative metal either. It’s like a mix a sludge/prog metal with rock vocals. The lyrics are great (I.e. “No anger, just disappointment, as bitter as truth Salvation and bread, redemption and wine, you thought you’d buy out?”)

”Snowfall” starts with a 16th thrash beat/riff. That’s metal, not rock, which pleasantly surprised me. It turns into a hard rock song after; however, that intro was unexpected.

” River Of Waste” is a thrash song, I hear no hints of rock. The vocalist even goes a bit raspy, I love it, and you can really hear Kamil Stadnicki’s bass playing on this track. It’s rounded and fills the headspace required for the EP to sound full. I only realized this after this song.

” Song for M.” is an actual rock song because it’s a ballad. It honestly sounds like the 90’s, when thrash bands were pulling out ballads. It’s all acoustic, whatever is required on the ballad checklist (emotional vocals, minor/sad chord progressions, some cheesiness) … I sincerely enjoyed it because it sounds like a ballad Pantera would pull out.

My final thoughts are that it’s a great EP, I’m just confused as to why they call themselves “rock” or “grunge”. Their slogan is “heavier than you”. Well, that’s because you’re calling yourself rock, but you’re metal. Be proud and keep it up, guys!

Written by Peter Lountzis
*edited by Mike Milito

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