Ottawa’s Bearings Touring and New EP Release “Higher Ground”

Capital city bands are a plenty. Regardless of what genre of music or how loud their cabs go, Ottawa,ON bands rule. Bearings are now one of those bands. It hasn’t been that long but they’re making a solid name for themselves and they haven’t stopped. Comprised of current and former members of rad Ottawa punk bands like the Murder State and Scally Cap Brats,their musical expansion just doesn’t stop growing.

Their debut Ep Higher Ground sounds great and has the right hooks and riffs to fuel your house party,pick up hockey game or circle pit. These guys are doing it right. With a handful of sweet shows lined up mid-March and April, their spring/summer’s looking really rad.

Bearings are hitting the road mid March and their debut EP Higher Ground is available for free on their bandcamp until March 7th.

Tour Dates

March 12 – Toronto, ON @ Magpie Taproom
March 13 – London, ON @ The Black Shire Pub
March 14 – Newmarket, ON @ Tequila 185
March 17 – Ottawa, ON @ Leaky B’s LaVa Lounge
April 3 – Quebec City, QC -Event Coming Soon-
April 4 – Montreal, QC @ Pirhana Bar

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