Our Oceans – Self Titled


Our Oceans is a band that grew out of the ashes of a few different Dutch ensembles. They put their fate in the hands of crowdfunding and came out of it with an eponymous debut. If Bjork and Puscifer had a baby, and that baby smoked a joint laced with acid, the result might sound something like the Netherlands’ group, Our Oceans. It’s a surreal landscape painted with dreamy melodies and drums that might make you think you’re high even if you’re not.

While it is pleasant and has its moments, this album did miss its mark on one thing. Maybe it could’ve taken a lesson from the Icelandic pop princess and Mr. Keenan, trippy music can be really great when combined with powerful motifs and vocals. When the vocals and melodies are just as airy, like in the case of this album, it starts to sound like ‘fluff.’

Songs like “Tangled,” and “Am I Still Here,” sound like they were written for the closing credits of a Final Fantasy video game. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I actually think these guys could make a great living scoring video games and documentaries.

On stand out tracks, “What If,” and “Let Me,” the guitarist/vocalist, Tymon Kruidenier (formerly of Cynic, Exivious), explores his vocal range more and mixes in some riffs to the melody. This is where the potential of this band starts to shine.The bassist, Robin Zielhorst, provides some the highlights on this album. Funky bass lines, like the one that kicks off “Turquoise,” give the sound a much deeper and lusher feel. They give their sound some body to it.  “Precarious” is another great example where he leads the charge.

This is a very solid effort for a new project. I think there is a lot of potential as Our Oceans grows and starts to form their own identity.

Written by Richard Brunette
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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Richard Brunette was raised on 90s music. He vowed that he wouldn’t become one of those people who told kids music was way better back in his day, but alas he often finds himself thinking it. His first album review was Sublime’s eponymous album, and his first concert review was Pantera at Metropolis. Can you blame him for thinking it? He digs rock and metal above all, but has an open mind for anything done well and creatively. He still holds hope that the new Tool album will be released before the Expos come back to his hometown of Montreal. He is the author of a critically acclaimed novel titled the Feathered Serpent. It centers on the mythology of angels and demons and the redemption of Lucifer. He is also the captain of a pirate ship quartermastered by fellow Buckethead Jason Greenberg.

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