Pacific Colours – Self Titled EP


Pacific Colours, an indie alternative band from Nanaimo, B.C. debuted a self-titled EP  in February of 2015, consisting of five tracks. I try to not be too critical, but I must admit I had somewhat of a hard time getting through this album. It’s very choppy and needs a lot of polishing though there is definitely something there. The vocalist Spencer has some great moments where he sounds awesome, reminding me of Canadian talent Metric’s sound once or twice during the EP. Individually, the musicians definitely sound great…but together, it sounds like a mash up gone wrong.

The first track “Wave” comes off as repetitive, with lyrics that don’t necessarily carry any noteworthy substance. Or maybe I’m just missing it the point of it? Music usually has a message, something to say, even if its just, “Let’s pop bottles and dance!”, but I seem to be trying too hard to find something here that makes any sense. Which may just be because, well, I’m not Indie enough. The second song off of this EP “I Don’t Even Know You” has a better sound for sure, but still needs some work on those lyrics, especially since the chorus is pretty much repeating the title over and over.  “I Am Down” is almost like a rollercoaster of sounds, not really following any rhythm with again, another repetitive chorus. “4 Door Sedan” seems to have more to say, and it feels like this song can describe this album almost perfectly with the lyrics “We don’t know what we’re searching for, but we’re gonna find it in our 4 Door Sedan.” I think Pacific Colours is definitely still searching for their sound.

It’s almost as if the songs on this album, and the album in general, were an outfit my four-year-old niece picked out of my closet, full of different coloured florals, stripes, and Aztec prints that just clash and hurt your eyes, even though by themselves, they’re great pieces. This is just like Pacific Colours.  Overall, I’m totally going to give Pacific Colours an A for effort, but this sounds like the first few jam sessions of a new band, and for a group that has been together for going on three to four years, I definitely would have expected more. This album needs more polishing. I kind of feel like they don’t really know who they are yet or what they want to sound like, or what they have to say,like they’re still trying to figure it (out which is fine). There’s definitely talent here, it just needs refining and practice. I look forward to hearing a more cohesive sound in the future.

Written by Gigi

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Gigi is currently a student at Concordia University, studying History and Cultural Anthropology and is overtly curious about the affect music has on people and the world. Gigi was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and moved to Montreal in late 2011 to pursue academics. She grew up listening to old school rock and EDM in her mom’s car, Portuguese music at home and Latin music at her aunt’s house, all of which contributed to an eclectic taste in music. She listens to almost anything from Disney to Slayer and everything in-between if it’s well written and produced. She even once entertained the dream of doing Broadway and got a vocal coach, though her dance classes were Hip-Hop so she's not quite sure that would have worked out so well.

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