Patrick Fancey Music – Dyin

Patrick Fancey Music - Dyin


Patrick Fancey Music, a one-man band, released an album to the world with various songs he wrote in the past five years, according to his Bandcamp. Dyin, with eight tracks all recorded by the man himself, comes off as blues-rock record with a lot of heart. Recording all these instruments on his own must have taken a lot of work and I respect that, but while the overall album is a valiant effort, some songs suffer.

The album starts off a little rough with “Good Time.” The song seems to have been recorded in a rush, and I got the feeling that some of the instruments weren’t on time with each other. The voice does not fit with the rhythm or lead and the chorus seems a little all over the place. This problem is recurrent in a few songs, but this one seems to be the biggest problem. That being said, the following track “What have you got to lose” saves it with its softer, Beatle-ish feel. The following tracks vary in quality, but this is to be expected from a self-recorded album. All in all, I commend him for the work put into these songs. Though they have their problems, I was not bored once while listening to his songs.

Instrument wise, the rhythm section is pretty straightforward and the bass could use some tweaking. I’d say that his forte is the guitar, as the lead takes up most of the sound. There’s a good grove in “Dyin (Title Track)” which makes it nearly impossible not to bob your head along. There isn’t any crazy innovation happening on this record, yet each song is unique enough to give the listener a different adventure with each track. There’s a garage rock aesthetic to a lot of his songs, which will please the casual listener. As a vocalist, Patrick Fancey does a good job at hitting the right notes and adding enough variation in his vocal performance not to sound mundane.

All in all, this is a well crafted record. With a band at his back, I feel as if this project might turn into something really interesting. Not because Patrick Fancey isn’t able to play his instruments, but because having the input of different bandmates might enhance the experience. Check out his music and you might just find something you like!

Written by Johnathan Robinson
*edited by Kate Erickson

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