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Perfect Nonsense is a Montreal alternative rock band here with their debut album Enjoy the Ride. The band is a bit of a mixed bag bringing in elements of hard rock, folk, and college rock. The album is well-produced and the performances are fine, I just did not find Perfect Nonsense very interesting on this release.

My primary issue with Enjoy the Ride is that I just found the album boring. The songs are performed well but, there’s not much that Perfect Nonsense is doing on this album that I haven’t heard before. A song like “Unleash Me” might be an interesting changeup for the band themselves, but outside that, it just sounds like a Soundgarden B-side. Similarly, I really doubt I could pick a song like “Purpose” or “Drifter” out of a lineup of bluesy rock songs. Not every release needs to reinvent the wheel, but there needs to be something that stands out.

All that said, there’s one specific gripe I have with Enjoy the Ride. In more experimental music or genres where the vocals are perhaps less melodic, a song that doesn’t rhyme normally wouldn’t bother me. Perfect Nonsense, despite having a fairly traditional songwriting style, has a strange tendency to write lyrics that just don’t rhyme at all. It’s not so noticeable in heavier songs like “Memories,” but the rhyming scheme, or lack thereof, in songs like “Speakeasy” is just off-putting. Maybe the band is just trying to do something unique with the vocals, but it sounds to me like they just need to go back to the drawing board.

I can’t pick one song that stood out above the rest, but I did appreciate some of the performances on the album. Matthieu Patenaude has a diverse vocal range and seems to have no trouble switching between a banger like “Repeat” and a more somber tune like “Time.” There’s solid playing throughout Enjoy the Ride, but the instrumental on the song “Tom” was a memorable one, with Christophe Villemot’s wah bass locking in with Jean-Francois Bastien’s tight drumming. Given how solid the playing was throughout, I think the band could have done something a little more interesting with this release.

INCOMING BAD JOKE: I certainly didn’t enjoy the ride. There’s nothing spectacularly bad about what Perfect Nonsense brought to the table, I just found the release to be quite bland. If you’re looking for something to throw on in the background, maybe Enjoy the Ride will do something for you.

Written by Justin Bruce
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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