Peur – We Can Build Astronauts

Hailing all the way from the UK, alternative rock band Peur released their 5-song  EP titled We Can Build Astronauts. I cannot even compare them to any other band out there because their sound is completely unique from anything I’ve heard. I’m positive they blended different music styles into their album.  Each track sounds different from each other, whether it is because of the instrumentals or the vocals or the way they put the song together. Either way, it all blends together into a nicely structured album that is worth giving a listen to if you need to change up your playlist.

It begins with a track called “Lights” which shows off the vocalist’s singing ability. There are parts in the song that remind me of the vocalist from Alter Bridge. The higher notes in the chorus are what make this song so great for me. It’s not an overly excessive high note like in metal music. It’s more like a soothing high note which then flows back into the lower note. This is one of the songs that sounds more rock than alternative, and for that very reason, is my second favourite off the album. Their second song “Anarchy” is really similar to “Lights” except for a few differences like the music changing about halfway through.

Track three, which happens to be my favourite song from the album, is faster and much more upbeat than the first two. “Pursued by Bears” is the song where you either want to rock out or dance depending on how you enjoy the song. It has a happier tune but the lyrics seem to be anything but. The guitars in this song are what makes it so much fun to listen to in my opinion.

If you want a song with more meaning, listen to “Empires,” the fourth track. It has more mellow vocals but still with that rock vibe. The most interesting part of the song is towards the end when the girl is speaking over the music about war. That’s why I would consider this song more meaningful.

Finally, “Grey Blood,” the last song. I have to say, this song is definitely not something I would have expected from this band at all. It’s entirely different from the rest of their songs and it has unique elements to it. I would say that the vocalist really shows his talent here, but in reality, it’s the entire band. It gets a little bit twisted after the harmonicas but that’s why it’s unique. I’ve never heard a song quite like this one before.

All in all, Peur did a great job with this EP. “Pursued by Bears” and “Grey Blood” are most definitely the highlights of this album. Although “Empires” was also pretty interesting, the band really shines during those two songs. This album has a lot of potential, and I’m positive the band can go somewhere with it.

Written by Shannon Fong

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