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Alternative UK rock band Peur will be releasing Future Architects, a follow up to their 2014 EP which is scheduled to drop sometime around March 2015.  In July I reviewed their EP We Can Build Astronauts, and all I can really say is that these guys have truly stepped it up a few notches. This EP is heavier than the last one, and they have definitely improved a lot. It was great seeing how far they’ve come since their last release.

The short first track “Intro”  makes me feel like I’m at some eerie ballet. It then flows into the second song “They Have Destroyed Everything…” which is just instrumentals – sort of like a dance track, but focusing mainly on guitars.

Then the drums and guitars kick off into “Explosions,” the third song which the band released as a single in late 2014. This song is energetic with cleverly written lyrics and captivating vocals. The opening lyrics “Spend your nights alone with just your thoughts for company” give thoughts a sense of personification, making it sound as though they are a living being. These insightful lyrics speak to me most, because sometimes your thoughts are not the best company. I love this song because the transitions from upbeat to slightly heavier and then back to upbeat keep you from being bored with the melody.

The slower paced fourth track “It Ends Before It Starts” is more mellow throughout. My favorite aspect of the song is a guitar part that reminds a little bit of southern rock, closely followed by the softer vocals during the slower verses.

My favourite song, the fifth and final track of Future Architects titled “Hollow Skies”, has more emotion than other songs on the EP, especially in the vocals. Even as his voice goes higher at some points, the softer or sadder undertones keep it from being annoyingly high pitched. It’s relaxing and soothing with guitars that blend really well with the song but have heavy currents, setting this track apart from the rest of the songs on the album.

The greatest thing about this band is that they never disappoint. Their music is never boring because they keep it interesting with changes in the beat from slow to heavy, the timely addition of distortion, and great vocal range. They seriously did a damn good job with this album, and I cannot wait until it comes out! In the meantime, be sure to check out the single “Explosions” on their  Soundcloud page.

Written by Shannon Fong

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