The Pick Brothers Band – Blue Days


Indie rock group The Pick Brothers Band have been making a splash in the Toronto music scene recently, and with their newest EP, it’s not hard to see why. Blue Days is as diverse a record as the indie rock genre itself, effortlessly making transitions from upbeat pop-rock songs, to emotional ballads, to more chaotic tunes all within a span of six lively tracks.

As the EP kicks off, we’re introduced to the frontman’s vocals almost immediately. The standout line, “Sometimes you’ve got to make it rain to get that lightning in a bottle,” gets repeated a few times while the instrumentals time their time getting settled. This normally would be a make-or-break point in any record for me, and although I was turned off by the unpredictability of the high-vibrato vocals at first, they grew on me quickly. When all the instruments finally come in, that element of emotion and personality in the vocals still shines through the mix, and consistently does so for the remainder of this release.

The EP’s next few songs do a good job of showing off the Pick Brothers’ musical range and diversity, but where Blue Days really comes together is in the track “Yesterdays.” All the previously teased elements come together to create a catchy, upbeat pop-rock tune that will have you tapping your foot by the chorus. The clean guitar work and catchy vocal hooks carry over to the closing track “Life Goes On” as well, which is a terrific emotional send off to the EP. The piano and guitar-driven ballad feels like a familiar radio anthem, but is still unique enough to save being accused of ripping off any particular song or artist.

In short, The Pick Brothers Band’s Blue Days EP makes one hell of an impression in six tracks, showcasing their wide range of influences. With flavourful clean guitar, and a unique voice that really helps their music stand out, they’re a band that I’d love to check out in the city sometime soon.

Written by Mathieu Perrier
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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A multi-instrumentalist, and aspiring producer, Mathieu Perrier lives for music. He’s a recent graduate of Centennial College’s Music Industry Arts & Performance program, and is currently juggling a number of jobs from different aspects of the music industry, hoping to solidify his place as a prominent figure in the Toronto scene. Despite having a broad and diverse taste, Mathieu thinks that for whatever reason, ska is the best genre of music out there. It seems no amount of logical reasoning can convince his stubborn ass otherwise.

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