Pigeon Park – Stripes


Rock and f*cking roll. That is literally all that needs to be said about Pigeon Park. I cannot get enough of this band’s record, Stripes. These guys are a cross between Theory of a Deadman, Foo Fighters, Monster Truck and Buckcherry, and holy shit do these influences blend absolutely wonderfully. With catchy melodies and riffs, and a modern sound that still captures the essence of rock music as a whole, these guys are definitely on their way to success.

The opening track, “High to Get By,” had me making scrunched up faces, whilst physically moving to the beat to show how much of a rocker I was. It was so refreshing to hear such amazing songwriting coupled with industry-quality production from an unsigned act. It never ceases to impress me, and gives a band more of an advantage than most. The track “Beat Me” is so laid back and badass at the same time in its entirety, it makes me want to get in my car and explore the wide open road with this EP blaring out of my speakers for the whole world to hear. Everything here is stunning. The songwriting and guitar licks are incredibly fresh, yet stay true to the standard rock form making it more appealing to the average listener. As a musician myself, it was an outside-the-box approach with standard technique, and it shone through beautifully.

This record is absolutely stunning and it’s finally something exciting to hear in the rock genre (for me at least). I really hope for the best for these guys because this record is amazing. From start to finish, I could not stop banging my head or tapping my foot. It’s probably one of the best records I’ve reviewed to date. You need to listen to Pigeon Park!

Written by Rian Cunningham

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Rian Cunningham has been singing since he was a toddler, and have since been in multiple musicals and bands alike. He's been studying music all his life, playing bass, singing, organizing shows, developing sharp management skills, and more. He's been active in developing himself as a musician over the last five years by exploring multiple genres of music from jazz, pop, and metal, all the way to rock and roll. He is currently enrolled in the Music Industry Arts & Performance program at Centennial College in Toronto for Bass Guitar, and he has received the Dean’s Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in his program for being the most dedicated student in forwarding his career as a professional musician and artist.

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