Pin Up – Self-titled EP


It can often be difficult to find the right balance between catchy accessible music and meaningful lyrics, but Montreal-based, pop-rock band, Pin Up managed to pull it off perfectly with their debut self-titled EP. The album is a mixture of genres that all unite in one common theme: losing yourself.

The opening guitar riff and drumming of “Wake Me Up” may sound generic, but don’t be fooled, as Sam Martel’s sultry vocals quickly make it the opposite. It is downright impossible to put her perfect voice into words so, you should listen to it right away. The track is catchy and fun to listen to, the kind of pop track you would find yourself dancing to alone in your room as you cheer yourself up. Somehow though, despite its fun demeanour, its lyrics really stand out. They are poetic and oh-so-relatable, opening up with the words, “Staring at a young child, pressing his face to the gate I think I remember staring at the same face, years ago in a mirror.” We’ve all had the feeling that time goes by too quickly, that we’ve suddenly grown into adults overnight, and that is just what the song describes.

“Let Up” and “Letter after Letter” bring a fun rock side to the album, combined with a blues influence. Martel’s voice grows soulful, expressing feelings of frustration in the first, and feelings of angst in the latter, with the lyrics remaining relatable throughout. “Letter after Letter” describes the feeling of needing to rekindle a lost love, and of losing yourself in the process. Country meets pop in a perfect marriage with “Wedding Song,” a slower and sadder track that continues with the theme of not recognizing yourself. Changes in both your personality and your appearance are inevitable moments in life, and that is clearly expressed with the track;s frequent changing beat. Similarly, the album ends with “Faded,” another slow track, with a relaxing guitar riff, and lyrics that remind us we can never really get exactly what we set out for in life.

Whether you’d just like to unwind and have fun, or examine your life through a song’s lyrics, Pin Up is a good fit for you.

Written by Franca G. Mignacca
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

About Franca G. Mignacca 57 Articles
Ever since her toddler years, Franca has had a passion for film and music. Raised on classic rock, she will always keep the bands she grew up with close to her heart. Her taste in music has broadened throughout the years. Listening to a mix of rock, indie, blues, and metal, she loves hearing about new bands, and is always willing to give other genres a try. Her favourite decade of music is the 60s and her favourite bands include The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Kinks, The Damn Truth, The White Stripes, and, depending on her mood, ABBA. She is studying communications in college, in hopes of someday being either a journalist or filmmaker.

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