Pink Is [A Person] of Passion

As Spiderman`s uncle once said: “with great power comes great responsibility,” and although P!nk does a pretty good job flying around a concert hall during her very acrobatic musical performances, her involvement in such charities as Human Right Campaign, Save the Children, and UNICEF are all examples of how a worldwide successful artist like herself uses her “powers” to help those struggling. Her very altruistic character is exemplified and displayed through her songs that encourage compassion and helping others, motivational ideas that could very well be the inspiration for her latest album’s title Hurts 2B Human which was released on April 26th, 2019.

Although the singer’s eighth’s studio album Hurts 2B Human is her most recent release, her back to back performances at the Bell Centre on May 17th and 18th , where she got the party started on both Friday and Saturday night, promoted more of her 2017 album Beautiful Trauma, for, after all, she is currently on the Beautiful Trauma Tour. Her oldest fans were most certainly not disappointed by the setlist which included some more vintage tracks such as “Raise Your Glass,” “Just Like a Pill” and “So What.”

Her songs alone are not the only aspect of her live acts that would keep P!nk concert-going fans entertained. The airborne artist takes musical performances to the literal next level as she swings above her audiences either with the help of cords or, apparently, chandeliers, making her quite the competition for both Cirque du Soleil and Sia.

Although known as a solo act, P!nk most definitely has company on stage from her incredibly supportive and talented musicians and dancers who contribute greatly to the captivatingly jaw-dropping experience that her fans are sure to have at her shows.

Written by Keenan Kerr
Photography by Mihaela Petrescu
*edited by Danielle Kenedy
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