“Playing ‘Till You Die”: An Interview with Slim Cessna of Slim Cessna’s Auto Club

Denver based Slim Cessna’s Auto Club have self-released their new record The Commandments According to SCAC, and are touring North America ending in Austin, TX on December 10th. Along with the album, they have released a series of videos. Here at Bucketlist we were lucky enough to chat with Slim Cessna who shared his thoughts on SCAC’s sound, and “playing ‘till you die.”

How important is symbolism to your music and videos? 

Pretty important I guess.

What are the main influences that you draw from when writing your music? 

I think our greatest influence is the land where we come from. The landscape and weather in Colorado can be beautiful and dangerous. I like to pretend that’s how our music sounds.

The Commandments according to SCAC is your sixth studio album. How does it differ in sound from your earlier material? 

It allows more space and is less claustrophobic as past albums. 

How does the fact that you come from Denver influence or inform your sound as a “gothabilly” or “southern gothic” band? 

Wikipedia keeps calling us gothabilly and southern gothic. I don’t know who wrote that. I’ve logged on and deleted those terms a couple of times, but they keep showing back up. The word “gothabilly” sounds dumb and offensive to me. Gothabilly makes me imagine muscle-bro dudes with sleeveless t-shirts, pompdours, and face makeup to look scary. I thank God every day we are nothing like that. 

I understand “southern gothic ” a little more, as it may apply from a literature standpoint. However, we are not southern. I am fourth-generation Coloradan, and very much consider myself a westerner. 

The SCAC has had quite a few rotating members involved in several other projects throughout the years. How has this influenced SCAC as a band? 

It makes us better musicians and people.

How important is performance art to SCAC as a band?

I love all kinds of art, but I definitely think of myself as an entertainer. Song and dance, man.

On that, SCAC’s live performances seem to be an unforgettable experience. What do you like best about playing shows? 

All we want to do is put on a great show. The world is having a tough time right now. Hopefully our show offers a way for people to forget and lose themselves for a night.

Where do you see SCAC continuing on to in the future, and what is left on your Bucketlist? 

We play till we die. I have nothing to fall back on. The only thing left on my bucket list is to be able to pay my bills on time.

Written and Compiled by Jordan Hodgins
*edited by Kate Erickson

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