Poor Little Things – Self-Titled EP

Poor Little Things - Self-Titled


Hard-rock project Poor Little Things from Bern, Switzerland released their first self-titled EP June 18th, 2018. It features Rollerball’s guitarist Dave Talon (who also performs bass) and Tina Jackson on vocals. You can tell this is a project rather than an official band because the drummer, Fernando Marlboro, is considered a session musician for this release.

The EP kicks off with “Rock’n’Rolla,” and I was automatically hit with a feeling of nostalgia. This song would fit perfectly on the Detroit Rock City soundtrack. It’s upbeat, happy go lucky, and it’s a pure dose of the late 70s right down to the guitar tone.

Some songs come off as a bit too generic. “Break Another Heart” is an example. I didn’t know if I was listening to an original track or a cover of some late 70s rock band. It has generic “hey-ho” punk parts, but at least the claps and slaps are authentic, provided by Tina.

Albeit some songs are mundane at some points, they are catchy and have proper hooks and structure. “Drive” has a mid-paced-yet-driven beat and bass line. You can’t help but snap your fingers or bob your head to it. There’s also a very nice old-school rock style solo, which fit the song perfectly. This is by far the best song on this EP.

I do not know what the idea behind “About Love” is about. It’s slow, almost ballad-like, with a ukulele effect followed by traditional rock. It’s as if they tried combining relaxing Hawaiian music with a rock ballad. It’s more of a clash than a mix, and it’s all over the place. The end has some weird almost out-of-key howling as well. There are hits and misses on this EP, and this is a miss.

We end with the longest track, “Street Cheetah,” which sounds exactly how you think it would sound, other than not being fast. Instead, it’s a mid-paced song with a pure glam-rock vibe that has those oh-so-cheesy 80s synthesizer effects that we all secretly adore. I felt deceived that the song isn’t fast paced, like the title suggests. Even when they hit a silent break, it just goes into a mediocre solo. The synthesizers are what really save the song.

All in all, I can see why this is a project, because this sounds like something at a mid-phase rather than at full completion. There’re things missing that would make it sound fuller and more original rather than mostly reminiscent. By the way, I consider this to be more glam rock than hard rock. They have to up their originality factor and add some oomph and identity to their sound. I wouldn’t put it on my rotating playlist, but I would play it on a road trip with friends, or as background music at a party. Although after listening to this EP, I do feel like watching Detroit Rock City!

Written By Peter Lountzis
 *edited by Kate Erickson

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