Potion 13, Ice Vinland, Decadawn and Hollow – Live at Café Campus – January 15th, 2016 – Montreal, QC

HolloW & Guests – Jan. 15th, 2016 – Montreal, QC

Last Friday, the people from Jaune Prodz organized the 4th edition of the annual Quebec metal show at the Café Campus.

Potion 13

The opening band,  from Montreal, gave a decent dose of energy to the crowd with their hard rock, heavy metal style. The lead singer, Danielle Langlois, showed the metal fans how happy she was to be part of the concert by singing her heart out to songs from their album Le Rock, ça tue!, which was released in February 2013. When they played ‘’La Chasse aux Sorcière,’’ Danielle encouraged the crowd to sing along and whip their hair along with her and the musicians. The band certainly showed the world that there is no age limit for playing heavy metal and enjoying it.

Ice Vinland

The second band of the showcase was a classic metal band named Ice Vinland. What was special about this band was the fact that they dressed like Vikings. The band used a celtic-style melody for their entrance on stage. A couple of minutes after the intro, the lead singer, Damïan Leif Thorson, got on stage dressed like a Viking and holding a hammer in his hand. The band had a lot of energy on stage, moving from one side of the stage to the other, whipping their hair, and making silly faces to the photographers in the crowd. Metal fans in the crowd were thrilled by their performance, especially when Damian pointed his hammer at the crowd and threw handfuls of confetti. Ice Vinland is definitely a band to discover if you haven’t already had a chance to check them out.


Next, one of the most awaited bands of the night, DECADAWN, finally got on stage and prepared the crowd for the last group of the night. With their melodic death metal music, the band gave an outstanding performance. Although the music sounded great, it seemed like the bassist, Marc-André Sauriol, had some trouble with his amplifier which caused him to go back and forth to adjust the sound. Lead singer Louis-Charles Tardy had a wonderful complicity with the crowd, smiling at them and cracking jokes every once in a while. These guys enjoy their music, and it shows during their performances. Decadawn is the kind of band that reminds you that it’s important to love what you’re doing and that life is too short not to enjoy every bit of it.


The night ended with Hollow’s symphonic black metal. People were screaming in the crowd as CaDaver played the first notes on his guitar. They are another band with a lot of energy on stage, windmilling their hair and giving all they have to their fans. It wouldn’t be surprising if one day Hollow opens for a really popular metal band or even gets featured on some well-known festival line ups. Everybody in the crowd sang along with Mott as he worked the stage, thrashing his hair in time with bassist Snow, and singing his songs with all of his heart. Make sure you check out Hollow’s Facebook page to know their next tour dates; you can find links to their albums on their website.

The fans were super happy about the night organized by Jaune Prodz; you can check out their upcoming events on their Facebook page.

Written and Photographed by Laura Boisvert-Lavoie
*edited by Kate Erickson
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