Pouzza Fest Contest Winner!

First and foremost Bucketlist would like to thank all of those who applied for our Pouzza Fest contest. We received some pretty interesting submissions and it gave us all a good chuckle. The one thing we found very interesting was almost everyone selected a different band. It just goes to show how diverse the line up is this year and will draw all kinds of people.

That being said, by Bucketlist vote, we chose our winner.

It is Robert Shirriff! This was his submission:

“My pups love Pup!”

Toronto natives PUP are are four simple dudes who love to play punk rock. Some of their influences are Weezer, Thrush Hermit and Hot Snakes. Check them out at this year’s Pouzza Fest along with 200 other bands such as Municipal Waste and The Dwarves.

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