Pouzzafest Comedy Show – Saturday May 16th, 3-4:40 pm – Coop Katacombs – Montreal, QC

What do seventeen orangutans, Celine Dion’s boobs, and a game of Bridge have in common? Nothing, except the fact that none of these things will be present at this year’s Pouzzafest! (Happening in Montreal from May 15-17, 2015.)

That was a terrible joke!!! But luckily, thanks to Little Monkey Press and the excellent folks over at Coop gabe 2 (1)Katacombs, you can laugh your asses off to REAL comedy during Pouzza’s comedy showcase Saturday May 16 from 3-4:40 pm.

For the price of a ‘douze pouce’ ($5!) you’ll get to hang out on the amazing terrace out back of Katacombes while being entertained by some of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver’s finest comedic talents.

Montreal represents with Just For Laughs veteran Mike Carrozza, Zoofesters François Tousignant and Scott Andrew Carter, and “Not So Clean Comedy Show’s” Ellie MacDonald. Toronto flexes its guns with Jen Sakato, Scotty Barclay, and Troy Stark, and Vancouver vixen Kathleen McGee headlines. The whole shebang is hosted by none other than Gabriel Frank Koury.

They say laughter is the best medicine, so come chuckle away your hangover from Friday’s Pouzza festivities with some frosty “recovery beers” and a poutine!

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  1. Hey, the Pouzza schedule says 3:00 to 4:40.

    Four hours of comedy seems like a lot so you might want to edit your post 🙂

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