Primitive Man – Immersion


Denver native doom metal band Primitive Man gracefully adorn the universe of metal with their latest release, Immersion, which once again addresses apocalypse in the most poetic way you could imagine. Horrifyingly dark and complex, the droning overall allure of the album reveals itself as a hypnotic chant, reflecting the rawness of existence right back at the listener. This comes as no surprise from Primitive Man but is nonetheless exciting and satisfying. A message truly created for the third eye.  

Primitive Man’s unique sound merges the styles of funeral doom with noise music, with a clear sludgy penchant. This lends itself directly to feeling like you’re in a deep, dark hole where ideals about death and nonexistence become a primary source of comfort. The world around you seems to crumble, yet there is an odd peacefulness in the nihilistic atmosphere provided. The surface of your skin becomes comparable to a wave pool, with riffs sourced directly from the void itself. Vocalist-guitarist Ethan Lee McCarthy’s vocal track is almost humanly impossible; the pain and emotional connection coming from his performance are palpable through my earphones and impossible to glaze over. The lyrical content is so beyond gut-wrenching that the scariest horror stories would cower in its face. There’s no mistake to be made here; this record is, simply put, beautifully orchestrated chaos.  

I find it hard to focus on anything besides how this record makes me feel because every listen’s pure emotional intensity is undeniable. It could be considered the first thing I’ve fallen upon that truthfully marries all feelings of complete disarray and beautiful tranquility. The most terrifying movies met with the warmest of hugs. There are scattered moments where you almost feel like it needs to be paused so you can take a breath and try not to experience some sort of sensory overload… in a good way. Like when you eat too many edibles and you have to concentrate on not transcending too much so the fabric of your existence stays woven together.

This is a work totally involved with creating an intense reaction from the listener and is a complete success in regards to avant-garde music. A worthy addition to an already unequivocal discography.

Written by Talia Plante
*Edited by Dominic Abate

About Talia Plante 63 Articles
A classically trained pianist from the Laval suburbs, Talia sees no other clear path in life other than her passion for music. An experienced music teacher and social bird, she seizes any opportunity to be with others. Being an avid psychonaut and lover of emotional connection, she can often be found at parties of any variety, likely rubbing her face on cats she’s allergic to, or somehow slipping into conversation that black metal and baroque music are really just close cousins. Her lifetime favourites include Black Sabbath and Liszt, and anything even remotely psychedelic, doom, or stoner-like. Her current dreams are to become the modern day Mary Poppins (umbrella and children’s laughter included), buy a van to drive across any drive-able land, and spread sunshine wherever she goes. If spotted in the wild, the best way to make her smile is to ask her anything…or offer some cheese.

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