Psychocide – Alcohol and Bad Decisions


Psychocide’s debut album Alcohol and Bad Decisions plays like an encyclopaedia of pop-rock from the last three decades.

The opening track, “Crazy Janet,” roars right out of the 80s with its Motley Crue inspired riff. “Mary” takes elements from the 80s as well, sounding like Depeche Mode and Bon Jovi got together and jammed. From there, “Crossing Guard” takes us into the 90s with punk similar to The Offspring or Pennywise, while “Dear Alice” sounds like a slightly happier Type O Negative. The chorus of “Brotherman” hits that “Smells Like Teen Spirit” hook a little too closely and the melodic interlude in “Breaking Bad” sounds like it could be a nod to Avenged Sevenfold or Metallica.

With all these influences, however, Psychocide most closely resembles— and I say this with the highest praise— Rx Bandits. “Street Named Desire,” the penultimate track and probably my favourite on the entire record, would fit right in on The Resignation. These Montreal boys know how to craft tight melodies around subtle rhythms in the same way as those California guys.

The place this record falters, though, is that it feels like they’re relying a little too heavily on past blueprints. This is a very impressive debut, and definitely a band to watch out for, but their original sound needs to be developed more.

While everything sounds tight and all four members deserve tons of compliments, the standout award has to go to lead vocalist Goldwyn Thandrayen. Well, actually, the award goes to the artist who designed most of their cover art. That shit is brilliant could become Maiden-level iconic with all its American Anime style horror drawings. But, Thandrayen’s strong delivery coupled with hooks that stick in your head immediately are worthy of the MVP mention.

Written by Syd Ghan
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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