Pukefest – Live at Piranha Bar – April 29th, 2017 – Montreal, QC

I’ve been to a lot of metal shows, ranging from boring to super hyped. In one word, Pukefest would be fun. It was the fourth official Pukefest, and it originally started a few years back as a birthday bash for Luke, a.k.a. “Beer Walker” or “Ogre”… I just call him “the Ork” because he is what children’s nightmares are made of. Luke’s good buddy Michelle Ayoub (of Cereal Killers fame) was also an integral part of putting this event together, and she did a great job. She even made a boatload of cupcakes, and ran a charity raffle to benefit Dans la Rue. It all went down at Piranha Bar,  which was a perfect-sized venue for the show.

Cul Gorge Cul

Things got started right on time; I rolled in a few minutes past 19:00h, and the first band Cul Gorge Cul  was already kicking the night off. They’re a three-piece band from Quebec, with guitar, drums, and vocals. I found them to be entertaining, trashy, and fast. The room was already full, and the audience was rambunctious, tossing inflatable toys and balloons around. I unfortunately didn’t catch any track names, but you can check out some live footage of them on Youtube.


Next up was possibly my favourite band of the night: Dysentery, from Boston, Massachusetts. They’re a four-piece consisting of guitar, drums, bass, and vocals. I found them to be fairly heavy and technical, with sharp riffs. Front man Scott Savaria is pretty animated, and his vocals ranged from deep growls to high pitched screeching. The audience dug them, and so did I. They played some tracks from their latest album, Fragments including “Onset,” “Led to Terminal Ignorance,” and “Grave Evolution.” They finished their set with “Decimation,” which convinced me that I ought to have at least one of their albums in my collection.

The third band to grace the stage was BLASTOMYCOSIS from Toronto. They’re a five-piece group with two guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. After hearing a few tracks, I understood why some people refer to them as “Porn Grind.” Track names include “Cream of Rotting Cunt,” “Meat Hookers,” “Fucked in Two,” and “Claw Hammer Hysterectomy.” There’s definitely a theme going on. My favourite track of the set was “Testicle.” It had a good flow and some major power behind it.

Holy Cost

Fourth on the bill was Holy Cost from Montreal. These guys have been around awhile and are pretty theatrical; their vocalist was wearing some sort of black-faced nun mask. They’re a three piece consisting of guitars, drums, and vocals. They are also referred to as Porn Grind. Tracks played included “Summer of 69’s,” “Blue Waffle” (which was dedicated to breakfast) and “Wet in the Front, Crusty in the Back.” They were fairly heavy, and the vocals were of the screechy kind. The whole floor was a pit while they were playing and the crowd was really into them.

Next up was Incinerate, with members from both Canada and the USA. They were five guys, two guitars, bass, drums, and vocals, and they all came out on stage dressed as Mounties. The lead vocalist mentioned it was their first time playing in Canada, and I’m pretty sure neither they nor the audience were disappointed. The guys were definitely heavy and technical sounding with big riffs, rolling beats, and brutal vocals. Their tracks were longer than average and it works for them. I didn’t catch any track titles, but you can listen to “Inhuman Inoculation” and a few others from their Facebook page.


Second to last and much anticipated, judging by the amount of people wearing their shirts, was Malignancy from Yonkers, New York. They’re four members on guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. A local Montreal musician was telling me how good these guys are before the set started, and he was not exaggerating. These guys were very fast, very brutal, and the lead singer was quite engaging. The fans had no trouble getting fully into it and making a ruckus on the floor. The band has been around since 1992, so they’re certainly experienced and seasoned stage artists.

Despite starting relatively on schedule, it was fairly late by the time the final act Mortal Decay started. Bucketlist photographer Angie later told me that she really enjoyed them and that they were old-school. The singer from Unhuman came on stage and sang with them. She also recalled seeing them play with Montreal’s Neuraxis some years back.

Overall, Pukefest was a super fun show to attend. It really did have a birthday party feel to it; Luke and Michelle were great hosts, and I’d certainly check it out again next year.

Written by Joey Beaudin
Photography by Angie Radczenko
*edited by Kate Erickson
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