Raleigh, NC’s BEDOWYN Premiere First Video from “Blood of the Fall”

North Carolina based BEDOWYN released the first video from their album Blood of the Fall on March 1, 2016. The video is available on the bands’ YouTube channel, as well as at bedowyn.com

Directed by BEDOWYN members Alex Traboulsi and Todd Parham, “Leave the living for dead”, a song portraying agonizing defeat from the perspective of the victors and the victims, is showcased in this video. The story focuses on a man involuntarily losing himself in the search for answers surrounding a relic more powerful than human life and temptation. Watch below.


Founded in the fall of 2011 by Mark Peters, Todd Parham, Alex
Traboulsi, and Marc Campbell, Bedowyn (pronounced Bedouin) infuses
elements of classic metal, thrash, doom and Sabbathesque riffs into a
powerful and multi-facetted sound accompanied by lyrics about
mankind’s dark side and the human struggle. Their pan-metallic fluency
helps Bedowyn avoid monotony, but it also makes their music more
inviting. Brushing aside subgenre purism, Bedowyn’s heretical
embrace of all things heavy leaves room for fresh inspiration.

Bedowyn spent two years honing their sound before issuing 2013’s
five-song debut EP, “Wolves & Trees”. Their patience served them
well as it was met with critical acclaim from the metal community,
drawing comparisons to Mastodon, High on Fire, Sabbath, and early
Metallica. The closing track, “Snarling Of Beasts”, is a featured
bonus song in the 2014 edition of the RockSmith video game.

In late 2014, the band set out to create the follow-up to their
well-received debut EP. Expanding greatly on the bedrock sound they
had established, further exploration has yielded eleven well
thought-out tracks that showcase their nomadic and heavy
sensibilities. Conceptual in design, the recording has been crafted in
the traditional structure of a side A/side B album that harkens back
to the groups’ early metal roots.

“Blood of the Fall” has been met with a steady stream of great
reviews, and landed on many Best of 2015 lists from metal publications
and fans alike.

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