Rape Blossoms – Ruinenlust

I’ll straight-up admit it. I haven’t listened to post-punk since the nineties, and I pretty much left the genre for dead. Belgian post-punk band Rape Blossoms’ new album “Ruinenlust” reminded me why I liked the genre in the first place, but it manages to avoid wallowing in the sticky nostalgia that waits like a tar pit for the unwary musician.

Their follow-up to Rape Blossoms Starving Vultures at 7-Eleven has a dark and atmospheric sound, with an edge provided by the guitar that hardens it up nicely. I think it’s that edge that really distinguishes their music. The vocals are mournful and blend well with the echoing quality of the music.

“Saturn” is a good opening piece, dark but with a good driving beat. The song is a little brighter-feeling than the others, sort of a lead-in to the colder, mist-soaked feel of the rest of the album.

The video that accompanies “Slow Breath” is surprisingly good at capturing the band’s sound visually. The visual loops and jumps work extremely well. It is not a fancy video, but a really effective one – it’s rare to see a video that matches the sound so well.

“In the Red” starts out slow and mournful before the drums break in and it picks up speed. It’s an excellent piece to round out the album.

Ruinenlust is a great listen, and the album’s up on Soundcloud for anyone to check out. The vinyl is already sold out, but you can grab it on the app store. If you ever had any love for the old post-punk bands before they went fluffy or sold out, you need to hear this. Turn the lights down, fire up a few candles, and soak in the atmospheric goodness.

Written by Leilah Thiel

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Leilah Thiel is a transplanted music geek from the corn groves of Indiana to the verdant BC shores. She grew up surrounded by the musicians from her parents’ bands - Street Music, Hormones a Go Go, Menage a Trois, and most recently Spontaneous Hopeful Monster. Her tastes started out in folk and blues, and picked up rock, punk, hip hop and metal along the way. Her favourite genres are the ones that cross boundaries - folk metal, doom grind, surf punk... She loves all kinds of music, and will happily geek out for hours over slightly different variations of folk instruments. Any time off from the music scene is spent either in a good video game, or off in the hills, looking at rocks.

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