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Raze, a heavy metal band from Indonesia has recently released their first EP, So Repeat This Line. Claiming to use their skull crushing metal music as a way to speak of humanitarian issues, I could not listen to this album with anything but high hopes. The world needs musicians and artists who can and will use their powers to aid the world and solve its crises. What I found in Raze is a love for trash, double bass drums and inventive introductions. This isn’t the music you’d bring to your grandmother’s house folks, unless your grandmother is a fire spitting, beer chugging badass.

The EP starts us off with “Voices,” and though I love the introduction, I’m not sure how I feel about the rest of the song. I evidently enjoyed the riff and I can say that with absolute confidence, considering my head started moving as soon as it started. My problem, as is with a good part of this EP, is with the vocals. Louis Dunham, the singer, has the ideal voice for trash. It’s raspy and has attitude. And although his screams sound great, I feel he might be off-key sometimes. There are also times I felt like he wasn’t singing along with the melody, which made it sound off.

Other than that, this is your generic metal. It sounds good and hits home where it counts, but don’t expect the revolutionary album of the year. These boys are on the right track, I think. You definitely hear the passion in their music, especially on the last track “Aksara,” which also happens to be my favourite. There is something different about the song, which separates it from the rest. The drumming by Ethan Morter is extra heavy and the solo is extra juicy. Also worth mentioning is the mixing. As usual, the bass could be louder, but other than that it sounds clean and crisp. I often find the double bass drum too loud in a lot of bands, bit these guys found that sweet spot.

Raze is a young band, with much more to give than this EP. It’s a solid start and even though I found things to pick on, I truly believe these guys are worth following. Released on July 26, 2018, vive them a chance and you may discover your favourite band, who knows!

Written by Johnathan Robinson
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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