Punk Rock and Pints of Jager with The Readys

Established in 2008 under the name James and the Readys, this small-town, big-energy band made musical waves across the suburbs with their unique blend of punk, hard rock, and grunge. After a small member switch up and a slight change in name, The Readys are playing harder than ever to expectant audiences.

The Readys recently released their latest album, Pints of Jager, to said expectant audience, and the response was anything but expected. The in-your-face sound of tunes like “What Time Changes” and “True Romance” perfectly showcase this band’s hard-hitting, high-energy performance, while the tune “Drop the Hammer” shows another side to The Readys that prove the band’s ability to evolve within the scene.

Bucketlist contrib Ryan had the opportunity to chat with the band, find out what’s been keeping them going, and what we in the musical world should expect next from The Readys.

So the Ready’s finally brought out your first album, how does it feel?

[Jarod] It feels really good. It’s been a long time coming, because um…it’s been too long. When was the last album?

[Michelle] Three years?

[Sean] Yeah it was about three years. Even before I was in the band.

[Jarod] Well like, we don’t even play the songs that were on it anymore.

Now, I remember when you guys were James and the Ready’s back in the day. What made you guys want to change/shorten your name?

[Michelle] I blame Nicolo..

[Nicolo] No, no! that was all you guys! It wasn’t like I just came into the band and said, “WE’RE CHANGING THE FUCKING NAME!”

[Jared] Well like, we’ve been calling ourselves The Ready’s for a while…

[Michelle] And that’s what alot of people have been referring us as..

[Sean] It’s just so much quicker for people to say.

[Michelle] An like there’s been so many member changes…well not so many member changes.

[Dale] Yeah two.

[Jarod] An well we don’t drink “James ready” anymore.

Well what is the next big plan for you guys. You’ve released a new album, where do you go from here?

[Jarod] Right now, it’s just play as much as we can, try and play the shit out of this album.

[Michelle] Play the shit out of it. Even in backwards order. If we can.

[Jarod] Just get everyone to listen to it.

[Michelle] I really want to go around, and play with out buddies. Like out in Oshawa.

[Sean] Welland.

[Michelle] OH yeah, Welland! Well if we could, we would have invited all of those bands that we know to come play our CD release party.

[Jarod] Yeah we had a list of like maybe twelve to fifteen bands that we wanted to play with us.

You guys should have just had a festival.

[Jarod] Well if we could have, we would have! But I think we had a pretty good assortment. The mainstay who’s from Newmarket. Ship of Fools, who’s also from the Newmarket scene. Black Cat Attack who are from Oshawa, Ajax, or Pickering.

[Sean] Durham region?

[Jarod] Well none of them live in Oshawa, they just say they are from there.

[Michelle]  Well that’s just like us! We’re not all from Newmarket.

[Sean] Well like Michelle said, we say we are from Newmarket. But none of us actually live in Newmarket. But we’re from the outer core of Newmarket.

[Michelle] An Newmarket treated us very well. Even though we were fucking terrible.

[Jarod] We shat all over Tomboo’s, and Newmarket just loved us for some reason. So that’s why we say from, they give us the hometown vibe. An quite frankly, that’s why we love this town.

Any big shows coming up?

[Jarod] Um…We’re at the Bovine on the 12th of April. Who are we playing with that night?

[Sean] Bruno Cherie from Montreal. Apparently Owen Wilson is playing there as well.

[Jarod] Apparently that’s the bands name! Not the actor.

Alright well I guess I should wrap this up. I just have one more question. Where do you guys all see the Ready’s in six months?

[Jarod]…Most likely rehab.

Written and Compiled by Ryan Milligan

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