The Real Deal – Live at Petit Campus – November 8th, 2014 – Montreal, QC

On Saturday, November 8th, 2014, I got the pleasure of once again attending another Bucketlist-covered event. After being given the assignment, I became quite excited as the band I was set to review was The Real Deal, a ska/punk rock band from Montreal. Prior to the show, I did a little Facebook snooping and learned that The Real Deal have been around for a long time, and they are known for putting on a high-energy, fun show. I was stoked knowing that I would get to see them work the stage live. I like to reserve judgement about bands until I am able to see them live as I really believe this is the best way to gauge a band’s talent and their ability to engage the audience while putting on a great show.

The Real Deal played at Petit Campus in downtown Montreal alongside guests such as The Waffle Stompers and, for one night only, Fifty Stars Anger. All the bands that played that night fell under the same category music-wise, so the night was a bumping it. By ten o’clock, the crowd finally started to vibe out and party hard.

Just before midnight, The Real Deal took the stage. There was a marked spike in excitement from the audience when they realized the wait was finally over. The boys played for over an hour, and every song kept the audience moving and dancing. With extremely fun guitar solos and fast-paced drums, it is no wonder the audience was able to dance the night away. The band interacted with the audience often, making them laugh every chance they got. With funny and lighthearted statements to the crowd about how it would be a long night with the only remedy being to get more beer, as well as hilarious one-liners about Taylor Swift, the boys kept up the vibe throughout. I could tell how comfortable they were on stage which showed just how experienced they are as a band and that the stage is definitely home for them.

They played a variety of old and new songs, their hearts fully in it every second of the way. With songs like “I’m Not An Addict”,  “Shit Happens”, and “Dear Me”, the guys got the chance to really show off how they have mastered their instruments and perfected the punk side of their sound. You could tell The Real Deal really enjoy playing music and that for them, it wouldn’t matter if they were playing for a crowd of twelve or twelve thousand; they love what they do and they were enjoying every moment of their set.

Overall, The Real Deal put on a great show. They were having fun the entire time, and they made sure the crowd knew it. As it may be hard to convince you of their greatness via text, I highly urge you to check the band out the next time they’re in your neck of the woods.

Written by Jessica Valiquette

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Jessica works a customer service job in downtown Montreal. When she isn't making phone calls, she's either got her head buried in a good book or she's rocking out to some of her favourite bands, such as Ben Howard, My Chemical Romance, and Ed Sheeran.

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