Red Skies Launch “Iron Sun” October 13th, 2015!

Red Skies formed in 2012 with the desire to simply create music they felt strongly about. After numerous line-up changes, and and countless shows all over Quebec, they finally came into a sound and direction they felt represented their powerful, collective artistic vision. This vision manifests itself in their upcoming record, which is a concept album meant to depict recollections and warnings from an age before the collapse of their planet at the hands of those more interested in profit than their survival. The title Iron Sun is a metaphor for this downfall, representative of their encased and suffocated potential brought forth by the misuse of technology fueled by our greed.

The new record Iron Sun is set to be released digitally on October 13th, 2015.

In the meantime, give their first single “Apostle” a listen. These guys are going to make it big. Keep an eye out and if you happen to live in Montreal, go check out their record release party held at Piranha Bar on October 29th. View details here.

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