Red Tail Hawk – Night Soup


The album name, Night Soup, makes me think of a sitcom, with an overly annoying laugh track and cheesy opening theme. Suffice it to say, this is not my bag. Diff’rent Strokes and all that, I guess.

My biggest question is, Who’s The Boss for deciding what direction the band takes? Because, while I’m not sold on the album as a whole, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some gems on here. Case in point: their second single, “Big Wind” is the best song to show to Perfect Strangers to get them interested in this band. It’s a funky, slow jam that makes you want to bob your head along. Good Times.

The fifth song, “You and I,” just makes me think of two dudes laughing maniacally while they pedal a tandem bicycle along a beach boardwalk. The hook sounds like something a songwriter would come up with while dealing with the constant Growing Pains of being a musician. At 2:50, the song changes from their light rock staple sound to a bit more of a funky beat. It fits, but doesn’t sit well with me.

The Saving Grace for the album is the actual musicianship that each member brings to the table. My Two And A Half Men-tions for the standouts are Eric Turner on electric guitar and Mike Gruen on bass. Both of these gents infuse just a little bit of funk into some of the songs, and it is greatly needed. Otherwise, it sounds bland, like it was made by a commercial robot that doesn’t understand humans. Honestly, though, if any of them is Married… With Children, I’d keep this album away from them. This is not music for The Young Ones.

Red Tail Hawk consists of five members with Benny Zanfagna listed as the primary songwriter. As much of a Full House as the band must be, I think they’d benefit greatly from adding another member to help share the songwriting duties. The execution is poor, and the lyrics leave much to be desired. They’re juvenile in their approach, and for a band that lists themselves as being deep thinkers and having their music get people in touch with nature, they could benefit from some lyrical help.

You can check out their album on Soundcloud. I recommend stocking up on beer if you’re going to do so.


Written by Aaron Deck
*edited by Kate Erickson

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Once upon a time, there was a boy named Aaron Deck, and he lived in a magical land called Near Halifax. He was quiet and thoughtful (Okay, loud and rambunctious), and learned the wondrous skill of playing piano at the age of 8. Once puberty hit, upon learning that piano isn’t considered ‘cool’, he quickly transferred over to the traditional art of playing Rock ‘n Roll guitar. In 2008, he migrated West to Montreal, where he has played in multiple punk rock bands, including the fantabulous Ol’ School Johnny. He was often not recognized to be part of the band when selling merch. He currently has a horror short story collection out called "14 Needles", available through Amazon. Oh yeah, and he sometimes has really rad living room dance parties.


  1. Brilliantly funny brah… for a frustrated little Canadian, I suppose. Definitely spend more time actually reviewing the music instead of peddling the two-cent sitcom pun. I’m f’g catatonic after reading this shite

    • I heard this record as well and it was so boring that spending ones time thinking up two-cent sitcom puns was probably a requirement to stay awake. Your comment leads me to believe you’re American, brah. Perhaps you dig your music like you dig your beer: weak and uninspired.

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