The Rejecters – Self Titled

The Rejecters have the type of high energy that is tough to be captured on a recording. Live, they’re one of those bands that create a vibe with their sound by implementing rockabilly with punk rock, and creep you right the fuck out with its distinctive organ lurking in the background to tie it all together. Reverb-heavy and old school tones give a sense of nostalgia and the driving bass lines keep you shaking down. The tunes on the album get you dancing and drinking beer as quickly as you possibly can.

Although this is the first effort to come from this quartet, you can tell it isn’t their first fucking rodeo. They’ve all got stories of their own to tell from past successful projects and this EP reflects that. The demo may sound a bit rough around the edges, but it grasps how much fun they’re having while playing these songs and that same sense of fun shines through while listening. The EP starts off with “Doctor Doctor” which gives off the classic rockabilly flavour, then transforms into a punk rock influenced tune. It wraps up with a solid cover of “Talk Talk” by The Reaction and is filled throughout with great musicianship on all parts.

It’s exciting to see what is going to come from these guys in the future. This is just the start for them, but it does its job to give you the idea of what they’re about. If you want the real experience, don’t miss out on catching these guys one night as you won’t be disappointed. These songs are just too much fun when played as loud as you can get them.  Getting drunk and rocking to The Rejecters is just something I wouldn’t miss out on.

Written by Jay Kypers

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