Risky Endeavor – Self Titled EP

This EP is a blast. Listening to it is going to make you feel like you’re right there in the garage with them, chugging a cheap beer and sitting on an old, slightly sketchy jam space couch. Risky Endeavor takes the raw production style of the nineties, mashes it together with some classic British punk rock, and spits out something oddly catchy and unique.

The song on the album that grabbed me the most (and the track you’ll most likely be singing in your head afterward) is the self-titled “Risky Endeavor”. It opens hard with a Sex Pistols-esque guitar riff, and keeps the energy high as it pounds through the verses. The best part of the track, though, is the chorus, where the whole group yells “Is this what the rock and roll life does to you?” I haven’t had the chance to see Risky Endeavor perform live yet, but I’m assuming this is a chorus where fists pump the air and everybody yells along; at least I know that’s what I would be doing. Great hook, and a crazy fun song.

The track “Leave It Behind” is a close second. This tune strays away from the punk rock style of the previous track, and lands heavily in the nineties. It’s got a feel similar to old Green Day records (back when they were still good). A simple but strong chord progression is complimented nicely by the layer of backup harmonies in the choruses, and the guitar solo has the catchy sound of one you might find on an old Arctic Monkeys album.

The other two tracks on the album, “Memories” and “This Neighborhood (Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us)”, are the ballads of the EP. While not as strong as the first two tracks, they do still work to round the album out and make it a very dynamic listening experience.

Overall, Risky Endeavors self-titled EP is a ruckus and a good time. It’s a great addition to any garage rock collection. I’m looking forward to checking this band out live, and seeing what they put out in the future!

Written by Paul Orton

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Paul Orton has been playing music since he received his first guitar at 13. Paul’s path through music lead him through jazz, to metal, to blues, to folk and he now focuses his attention on his rock band, Well Mannered Thieves.Paul currently resides in Airdrie, Alberta.

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