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Hot off the heels of their last EP Equations, duo The Rococo Bang put out TOLL, a nine-song EP available on Bandcamp. The band pride themselves on improvisation, and along their journey have captured a unique sound somewhere between modern blues and mellow, progressive instrumental rock. I don’t usually sip that cup of tea, but if bittersweet is what you’re after, TOLL by The Rococo Bang is the bee’s knees. Guitarist Zo fully supplies the gravy, and Rob provides the honey on drums.

Unfortunetly most tracks miss the point and do not create a real impact. With all those warm sounds coming at you on “Concrete Guardian,” its a shame to hear no thought-out direction or intent in the song structure. Then again, maybe that is the point: to keep it sounding like the kind of elevator music you would hear on your way to the depths of a dark shady underground club while you get high smoking a fatty.

“Dionis” hits like a ton of bad-trip bricks, never venturing too far into what might become a hit for the masses and have to be played repeatedly. The guitar parts on “Dream Book” will leave you gutless at times. Zo goes deep into the guttural bass tones all over this album. The cherry on top is the simplicity of it all that makes it so easy to like and listen to. On the other hand, sometimes they keep the beats too safe. I can’t help but feel the drummer needs to catch up to the skill level of guitar riffs and epic solos throughout most the album. That’s not to say it’s not good, but it could be better. To leave this review on a positive note, I did already hear an improvement on The Rococo Bang’s newest EP Zodiak, which just came out in January.

Written by Enzo Catania
*edited by Kate Erickson

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Enzo Catania was born and raised in Montreal, where he grew up loving everything from oldies to heavy metal. After finishing high school, he moved to Toronto, but after just one year he felt he had to go. Ottawa was the next stop, and it was there that his hobby became hip hop. Two years later he left there to serve beers in the Netherlands. He stayed in Holland for awhile, and electronic music became his favorite style. Now back in Montreal and causing all hell, he's still listening to all kinds of music and loving rare vinyl finds. He is also known as DJ Johnny Depanneur, is a member of the band Bedtime Stories, and works at Biscuits & BBQ Catering.

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