Room Control – Past The Breakers EP


When it comes to music in the electronica genre, it’s very hit or miss with me, but I’m happy to say that Room Control‘s latest EP Past The Breakers was definitely a hit to my ears! Mixed at Happy Accident Studios, I reckon it’s no accident that this album blends different sounds quite seamlessly, resulting in an adventure for the ears and a spark for the imagination.

It didn’t take me long to start absorbing the first song, “Of the Clouds.” I noticed that they label their sound as cinematic psych groove, which is fitting because this track had me feeling like I was tumbling through different movie scenes throughout. From picturing men on a covert military mission at the beginning, thanks to the bass plucks by Richard Bunze and an up-tempo sound, to picturing a knight galloping on a horse to save his maiden once the synths come in, it’s catchy and easy on the ears. I particularly dug the part towards the end where Richard’s bass morphed into a deep droning sound, while the synth provided by Byron maintained its sound. A very nicely mixed and subtle track overall.

“Down The Rabbit Hole” had me drawing a slight comparison to sounds Trent Reznor may have conjured up in the late eighties. This one had more of the electronic sound to it at first, with beeps and pops thrown into the pulsing bass, but then it takes a cool turn into a slightly different sound, with drums added and slight breaks with different effects thrown in that added a fun vibe to the song. By the end of this song, I’d say the title is very fitting to the music…I certainly felt I was being warped into another world.

By far “Glass House” was my favourite with its lovely quiet start and synths thrown in at just the right pitch. I found myself feeling a similar effect to the music bands like The Mermen and Mogwai have on me – otherworldly, and simply soothing. I especially adored the break at around the three-minute mark where there was a slight short, silent moment that slowly brings you back into a beautifully blended sound. The gently plucking guitar, drums, synths, and airy sounds are mixed perfectly.

My only minor qualms with this EP were the second and fourth tracks, “”Breaker I: John Portuguese Man Rap” and “Breaker II: SabSab.” They seemed a bit out of place, but to be fair, I’m pretty sure there’s a concept I may be missing. The EP is called Past The Breakers after all, so maybe those serve as the breakers, and the fuller tracks are breaking past them, or something. I was just a bit thrown off by the broken-up sounds after enjoying the soothing sounds. However, in “Breaker II: SabSab” I’ll give a pass because they used cows mooing as samples, and that’s always a win in my books.

Overall it was a lovely sound experience I’m glad I had to chance to hear. I’d say it’s a safe bet if, like me, you can appreciate electronic music but you’re not into fast-paced, weird-ass sound-effect saturated music, you’ll really dig this one. It was certainly refreshing for me, and I’ll surely be adding it to the playlist I listen to when I’m working on artistic projects for creative fodder.

Written by Angie Radczneko
*edited by Kate Erickson




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