Rubufaso Mukufo, Nervous Impulse, and Epicrise – Atomic Grind: 3 Way Split


Atomic Grind is a three-way split featuring Rubufaso Mukufo from the Czech Republic, Nervous Impulse from Canada, and Epicrise from Ukraine. The 23-track album is an intense display of grindcore and death metal put out by More Hate Productions and Darknagar Records. It takes a certain bandwidth to be able to harness the power of such brutally aggressive music. If you haven’t had the experience of entering such a realm, dive into this album and let it devour you. For any fans of the genre, this collaboration will definitely leave you salivating like a rabid squirrel.

Delivering tracks one through eleven are the folks in Rubufaso Mukufo. The group features ex-members of Czech grind band Cerebral Turbulency, as well as Martin Bilos Bilek, vocalist for Malignant Tumour. In roughly ten minutes, they unleash a savage hailstorm of blast beats and insane growling vocals. While most of the lyrics are inaudible, words are not required to convey the wild energy brought to the songs by Bilos. The song “Violent Show” is my favourite of the first lot as it has a different dynamic compared to the other tracks. It carries itself with a heavy swagger and even has a guitar solo, which isn’t a common theme throughout the first third of the split. The band closes their opening slot with a Malignant Tumour cover called “Fuck Off Nazi Bastards.” The song is a perfect ‘fuck you’ exclamation mark and leaves you all hyped up going into the Nervous Impulse third of the split.

Nervous Impulse hails from Montreal, Canada and has been on the grind for over a decade. Their five tracks are at the heart of the split. With heavy flow and a good dynamic, they are my take-away from the collaboration. Birthed by ex-Obscene Crisis drummer, Yan Chamberland, the band reached its goal of delivering fast and punishing death grind. They land a massive punch with even more animalistic vocals and an aggressive groove.“Qc_Reflux” is a great example of some rabid vocal work by Eric Fiset (Obscene Crisis). Francis Cousineau (guitar), Bruno Mercier (guitar), and Felix Bourcier (bass) also deserve their fair share of credit for the madness. Their parts in “500 Miles from the Blast” are what brought that track to the top of my list for this section of the split. Apparently, 500 miles was not far enough from the blast, because these guys have definitely been affected by some type of power-enhancing nuclear radiation. To put the cherry on the cake, there is a moment of cowbell hidden in one of the songs. Try to see if you can catch it, it’ll be like trying to find a single strand of hay in a needle stack.

To top off the collaboration comes Epicrise from Ukraine, making their return after several years of absence. Their contributions included the official release of their 2008 Dead Sea EP, as well as three cover songs. Their cover of Grossmember’s “Money, Its Your Fucking Religion” is my favorite track of the album. Old school metal riffage is the perfect anti-anthem to religion and money. The other two covers include songs from Cerebral Turbulency and Dead Infection. These songs were recorded separately from the bands original material and had some different hands on deck. Slawko Ischenko joined the group on guitar and vocals for all three tracks. Max Vaschiuk and Olexiy Savenkov contributed vocals on “Gory Inspiration” and “Money Its Your Fucking Religion” respectively.

Otherwise, Eugen Syzkarewski (drums), Myshko Petrenko (bass), Artem D’achenko (guitar), and Olexandr Polyakov (vocals) are responsible for the original material released on the split. Their original, “Godshit,” tops my list of song titles for the entire collaboration. Its power claps you in the face as heavy and hardy as a mighty shit from the lord above. That being said, Epicrise did a fine job of wrapping up the album with just as much of a bang as it started.

So, it is with the hefty godshit on your shoulder that I will leave you to go and discover this album for yourselves. It is impressive that three bands were able to collaborate from across the world. Subject yourself to the mayhem and see if you could come out in one piece.

Written by Ben Cornel
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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